Season 3.3 Collage

Jonathan Lindsey Jason and Kate at 3.3 launch

Jonathan, Lindsey, Jason and Kate, last night at the season 3.3 premiere and launch party.

The cast and crew, our families, friends and fans of the show celebrated the launch of the last episode of Out With Dad. At midnight on September 26th, 2014 all episodes went live at the same moment on To watch, follow the links below. We welcome to leave us comments!

3.15 “Vanessa’s Calm”

3.16 “Stressing Out”

3.17 “Out with PFLAG, Part III”

3.18 “Out with PFLAG, Part IV”

3.19 “Vanessa Meets Sera”

3.20 “Getting it Out”

3.21 “Vanessa Goes Home”

3.22 “With Family and Friends”

Actors Kate Conway, Lindsey Middleton, Caitlynne Medrek, Jonathan Robbins and series creator Jason Leaver will be guests on the 100th episode of Super Geeked-Up Live, on Wednesday, October 1st at 11pm EST. We’ll be talking about all sorts of geeky things – and we’ll surely discuss the future of Out With Dad. Be sure to tune in!