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The Champions of Out With Dad

Upon filming our final block of episodes, which we call Season 5, it was decided these would be our final five episodes. We consider this ending a great triumph, because we were able to bring the story and our characters to a conclusion we feel is deserved.

We thank The Champions of Out With Dad for making this possible. These are the gracious fans are those who have supported this show on a monthly basis using Patreon, or you are one of our translators, our volunteers, cast, crew, or friends and family of the production. It is thanks to the support of so many wonderful human beings from around the globe over past eight years, that we have been able to produce 82 episodes totalling over 11¼ hours of digital motion picture and sound.

At this time, our Patreon account is effectively dormant. Recurring monthly billing is paused each month so that no new charges occur. Many of our current patrons have told us they’d like to stay signed on as patron, so that they can support whatever the next project by Jason Leaver might be. Patrons will be notified well in advance of any potential new charges, so they may opt out.

For more information about when the remain episodes will go public, please visit this page about our release schedule.

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This page was last updated on October 16, 2017