2.05 “Striking Out”

Heartbreak. Anger. Sadness. Rose and Vanessa’s households are in turmoil following Nathan’s major parenting mistake. Luckily, Kenny is having a better day, showing that sometimes the good guy does get the girl.

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This episode was voted #3 in We Love Soap‘s Indie Soap of the Week poll!  Thank you to everyone for voting for us! Our fifth episode in a row in the top 3! Woot!

“Rose washes out, Nathan continues his losing streak, Kenny makes it to first base and Vanessa isn’t even allowed out to play.”

cast, in order of appearance:
Kate Conway as Rose
Corey Lof as Kenny
Laura Jabalee as Alicia
Will Conlon as Nathan
Kelly-Marie Murtha as Angela
Lindsey Middleton as Vanessa
Wendy Glazier as Theresa
Robert Nolan as Steven
Jacob Ahearn as Jacob

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver

||The music in “Striking Out”|Heading|||
This episode features some great tunes by great artists from across Southern Ontario. Be sure to check them out! You can listen, download and purchase their songs and albums below.  These talented people have supported Out With Dad by sharing their music with us, please support them!

In order of appearance:

||Late July|Heading|||
||What’s Left|SmallType|||
Miss Late July is no stranger to the fans of Out With Dad, her music has been featured several times before: Rose and Vanessa singing and dancing to Side Swept in 1×04 “Party Out”, A Well Kept Secret in Rose’s dream in 1×07 “Chemestry with Vanessa”, and most recently Parkdale was used in our second season trailer. 2×05 “Striking Out” opens with What’s Left.



||The Elwins|Heading|||
||Kristy May|SmallType|||
I discovered The Elwins thanks to Late July. I first heard them when attending a Late July concert with Adrian Ellis. We were both blown away by their incredible performance. I love their sound and their style. I think they might be Kenny’s favourite band. They’re going to be releasing their first single at the send of September, we’ll keep you posted about that when it happens! You may download their EP that Kristy May is on for free by clicking here.



||Trio Arjento|Heading|||
||Every Song I’ve Written|SmallType|||
Prior to becomign a Full Time Actor, Will Conlon worked with Jennifer Lockman, who plays the keys along side singer Marcy Hull and strings Tom Shea. Will put me in touch with the Trio last season. You heard their song Insomnia playing during Nathan & Angela’s blind date in 1×05 “Blind Date with Nathan”. It seems appropriate to hear them again for Angela’s return, as heard being played at the restaurant she’s waiting at: Every Song I’ve Written. If all goes well for Nathan & Angela, we might get to hear more from them. This song will be on their upcoming album “Love Let’s Go” – we’ll be sure to keep you posted about that.



||Gavin Slate|Heading|||
||Goodnight Lovers, Goodnight Thieves|SmallType|||
Gavin Slate is our first musician to be featured in Out With Dad thanks to his response to our call for music submissions. The call was brought to his attention by our mutual friend, filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth (watch the music video Gavin B. directed for Gavin S.: Falling). He submitted several songs from his debut album ‘Life As A Salesman EP’. Goodnight Lovers, Goodnight Thieves really jumped out at me. I kept thinking about Kenny and Alicia when I heard it. The scenes at Kenny’s home was originally conceived to be without music. But I kept thinking about this song and them. It’s so romantic! On a whim I timed up the music to my edit. PERFECT. I got in touch with Gavin right away.




  1. wow… i just stumbled upon this website.. and its so awesome..
    I’m 19 and haven’t come “out” yet. i mean i just realized, not so long ago, that i like girls.. But my life is like Vanessa’s, my family is Christian since i was like 1 year old and most of my friends are Christians too. If my mom ever knew, she would die! It’s been really difficult cause me and my BFF were really close but I always ignored what I felt for her, shes got “out” about 6 years ago, but shes with someone so she doesn’t know that I fell in love with her. We’ve been best friends for 9 years and and like 4 years ago her family turned their back on her and her mom kicked her out… I don’t know i just feel like I’m lying to everyone and pretending to be someone I’m not, but the pressure is too much and I don’t know what to do!

  2. Que increible. Saludos desde Ecuador

  3. Que increible episodios! Me encantó, ojalá puedan hacerlo hasta el final!! Buen Trabajo!! Les Saludo desde Ecuador Latinoamérica 😀 mbcuevaochoa@hotmail.com

  4. This episode hits a little too close to home for me. Vanessa’s mom is a toned down version of what I had to put up with growing up. Just have her throw out some insults like “You’re a loser, you’re stupid, you’re going to be a failure” and you’d have my mom. Horrible memories.

    You guys are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work. :)

  5. Another great episode. There was just one thing that jarred for me. Kenny and Alicia are set for a smoochy evening in when the girl that Kenny has notoriously hung out with for years turns up in tears. Kenny is just saying “Trust me” and Alicia is like, “ok” kiss kiss…

    Maybe this says more about my trust issues than theirs :p I just feel that if Rose wants to keep her special friendship with Kenny then she is going to have to let Alicia know at some point.

    Vanessa’s dad really needs to grow a new pair ‘cos obviously his wife cut off the original. It seems like he would be sympathetic to Vanessa if “mom” allowed it lol.

    Hopes for next ep:
    Rose and dad make up
    Dad and Angela get their delayed hot date.
    Can’t think of any scenario that would change Vanessa’s mother’s mind but wish you luck with it.

  6. ‘ Sit up Vanessa,no one likes a grump at the table’…too funny,since her mom is ruining the family meal (doesn’t look that appetizing to begin with). And I’m sorry, but Vanessa’s mom looks kinda butch to me,I’m just saying. Didn’t Vanessa have another brother who left home? Dad’s just a shadow of a man.
    Poor Vanessa looks like she needs a friend,especially one who’s in love with her. Don’t give up Rose..your girl needs you more than you know!
    Anyway,I enjoyed the entire episode,everyone was believable and on target.Thanks!

  7. très bon épisode!:)

  8. Okay, so what happend to Vanessas dads man hood? Her mom is calling the shots and the man of the house. Vanessa, your parents wont have anything on you if you just own yourself! ^.^

  9. Totally reminds me of my coming out. Parents can make a difficult thing worse. I hope I do better with my own children

  10. Especially in the beginning I totally know what rose feels like. It’s just sooo… powerful. Then the music. adorable. IT was an adorable choice of music.
    well, i don’t quite know hot to say what I feel like while and after watching this episode.
    Just genious. Even if I could explode by watching the dinner scene :-!
    Thanks from Germany!

  11. Thanks a lot for another FANTASTIC episode!

    Unlike other commenters, I like the Kenny/Alicia storyline. I think that it enriches the series and also Alicia is kinda hot. However, I have to admit that I find it a bit strange to see opposite-sex kissing in a gay show. This reminds me a bit of when I used to watch “Queer As Folk” and “The L Word” on DVD at the weekends. After having seen so many same-sex kisses (and stuff) for two days, I found it really unusual to see straight smooching again Mondays at school and I actually caught myself thinking, “Wow, that looks weird! I don’t want to see that.”

    I am somewhat surprised that Vanessa’s mother is so very dominant. According to Michele Bachmann, in Christian families wives ought to be submissive to their husbands. Or does this rule only apply to god-bothering nutjobs in the USA?

  12. Powerful scene at kitchen table. The relationship between Vanessa’s father and mother is striking – easy to see why brother felt forced to leave the family.
    Can’t wait to see further episodes!

  13. Another great episode. I really like Kenny, such a great character a kind of friend you wanna have. It’s sad to see Vanessa’s mom behavior and to know there are a lot of peploe behaving the same way. Rose is my favorite character and I really hope to see the girls together!!!!
    Well always worth to wait to see this webseries!!!!
    Fanstastic work Guys!!! 😀

  14. Wow Vanessa’s mom reminds me 100% of one of my ex’s moms. It pushed her to trying to take her own life. I really wish at times I could smack people upside the head and knock some sense into them. Why is it that parents don’t understand just how hard it is being a teenager, and that’s without the additional anxiety and pressure of ones sexual identity coming into play? I was lucky to have parents who accepted me when I came out , not everyone is so lucky. LGBT teens are up to 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than our hetero counterparts. we really need more understanding out there and I really really hope this series can help bring that about. Jason Leaver,Wendy Glazier,Kate Conway,Will Conlon,Lindsey Middleton,Corey Lof thank you for the bottom of my heart for this series.

  15. Hi, I’m from New York City and this episode won’t play. I tried several times.

  16. Yey! 😀 Finally a new episode! I couldn´t wait watching it and now I saw it :)
    And again it´s just fantastic work! :)
    The mother of Vanessa is just the definition of horrible!
    Poor Rose and Vanessa :(
    Yeah Kenny is such a cool best friend :)

    I can´t wait seeing the next episode 😀
    Only can wish that Rose and Vanessa will be together 😉

  17. i dont like the whole kenny/alicia thing lol, it would be cool if you cut them out a little bit. 😛

    i didnt know you guys were from canada.

  18. HOw did this episode end? it was too painful to watch. After the first 5mins I couldnt take the acting and punched myself in the face…
    woke up with the F letter in my forehead.
    COuld be worse I guess, I could have Teresa Lemay for a mother *slits wrists*
    watching her pretend to be a concerned parent is bad enough.

  19. Genial… pero quiero ver algo mas …. excelente serie.

  20. Another heart wrenching episode. Between the exchange that Rose, Kenny and Alicia to out was going on at the LeMay house, I just wanted to be there for both of the girls. I’m happy that my parents are a lot more understanding that Vanessa’s are.

    All I could think at the end of the episode was that Vanessa’s dad just needed to stand up to her mom. He need’s to have a back bone and see that his wife is ripping apart their family even though she thinks she’s trying to help.

  21. haha yea…Vanessa’s mom is a bitch…
    im gay and I can tell you that if my parents were say things like that to the girlfriend I go out with….
    I prefer sleep in the street.

    Kate,im in love with you! :)

  22. “Vanessa’s mom is a bitch” So true u__u… and the father …. welll like we say in mexico he is ” un agachonnn!!!” it means that has not a voice in his house and that the wife handles him as her likings ja ja.

    poor Vanessa, and poor Rose, both like each other want to be with each other but DAAMMM prejudism!! Why??! WHY?! Isn’t true that the best feeling, the best thing, the ultimate sensation is love?? then Why the fuck two people that are in love cannot be toguether just for a bunch of stupid medieval way of thinking?!! ahh!! this frustrates meee!!!

    any way, I love your serie very much and I steel having a huge crush on Rose ( Kate jo jo) XD, and seeing her sad makes me sad :( so I send her lots of love, and hugs and kisses n__n. Keep with the excellent work!! Love you guys!!

  23. Great show, great acting!!! I was dying to see the new episode and it was worth it!
    Greetings from Germany :)

  24. it is great but i can’t understand anything because to see the hole episode i can’t see the subtitles.

  25. It wont play. :(

  26. It won’t play for me. :(

  27. It was good, but really I don’t care Kenny/Alicia, not at all. I care Rose/Vanessa. :(

  28. Vanessa’s parents are like an exaggerated version of my own parents. Her mom gives me anxiety. Lol..but with that said, great job guys!

  29. It feels like a punch to my chest and my soul.
    When Vanessa was sitting there and her mom seemed to take charge of how everyone feels.. sometimes it feels that way, and there’s this inner voice screaming and fighting but for some reason wont exit the mouth.

  30. OMG Thank You !!! I loved it so much, but i really hoped see vanessa and Rose together :( maybe next episode?

  31. An amazing and lovely episode. Vanessa’s mom is making every single mistake that can possibly be done…
    Hell, she is going to regret it!
    Keep on working on the next episodes and we will be waiting for them…
    Hugs, Anamaría.



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