2.12 “Out of Mind”

While Rose reads a letter from her overseas penpal, she and Claire awkwardly make small talk as the continue to get to know each other. The conversation gets very heavy when the subject of Vanessa comes up. It causes Rose to seriously consider things, as we wrap up our second season.

Thank you all for watching, and for your support.

Rose and Claire listen to “Girl Who Stole The Sun” by The Mittenz. At the end of the episode is a remix of Late July’s “Side Swept”. More info about the music below.

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cast, in order of appearance:
Kate Conway as Rose
Caitlynne Medrek as Claire
Will Conlon as Nathan
Lindsey Middleton as Vanessa
Wendy Glazier as Mrs. LeMay

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver

The songs of “Out of Mind”

The Mittenz

Girl Who Stole The Sun

I always knew that Rose and Claire would be listening to music in the background while they chit-chat. I wanted this scene to remind us a of the very first season of Out With Dad. But what what song would it be?

The answer came to me a few weeks ago, when I posted our Acting Out event video on YouTube and LBird44 commented, asking if we needed another band to play. As it happens, we did! I checked out The Mittenz music and really liked their sound. I thought  their music might be something Claire would be into. I later asked if I could get a few tracks from them to try out in my edit. I described what I was looking for to drummer/manager Lindsay Bird, and she sent me one song: “Girl Who Stole The Sun”. I dropped it in my timeline, and sure enough it worked just right! I lined up the end of the song with the dramatic moment I had in mind, and like the conversation the girls are having, the song starts in already in progress.

At our event The Mittenz performed an amazing set. The entire crowd was blown away by them! Composer Adrian Ellis kept remarking how much he loved Emily and Mary Beth’s voices. Remarkable energy! They put on a wicked show, and I’m delighted to have their music in Out With Dad. Please check them out! Also, check out Lindsay’s Performance Drumming videos on her YouTube channel.



Late July

Side Swept (remixed)

This episode was written specifically with this song in mind. In fact, way back to when Miss Late July asked me to make her music video for this song, the image came to my mind of Rose standing before her cork board taking “down those pictures from where they stand”. You might remember this is the very same song Rose and Vanessa dance to in episode 1×04 “Party Out”.

I asked Late July if she’d mind re-recording it slower and sadder, she agreed – and so I knew I could move ahead writing the scene as I pictured it with a “sadcore” version in mind. As it turns out, it wasn’t necessary for her to re-record it; our composer, Adrian Ellis, produces Late July’s albums including this song. With all the elements he had, he was able to manipulate the song, including her voice, to fit the scene. She jokingly calls it “Slow Swept”. I think it’s beautiful, and I’m not ashamed to admit I cried the first time I heard it.

Thank you Nicole & Adrian.


Watch the music video I directed last year for Side Swept:

When is season three?

The simple answer is: I don’t know for sure. We’d all like to get filming right away! But that’s not a reality yet. I’m looking at filming in early spring 2013. We’ll shoot as many episodes as our budget allows. I’ve written many! We seem to have a tradition of launching seasons on the first Thursday of July… so it would be nice to keep up that tradition! Of course, we’ll keep you up-to-date. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for news updates.

And, the most important link of all: outwithdad.com/contribute

What can I watch in the meantime?

There are tons of great web series out there!

I’ve gotten to know many great filmmakers here in my city, and abroad. I’ve even had the pleasure to work with some of them. I’m starting a new section here on outwithdad.com called “Web Series To Watch“. Some will have LGBT themes, some will be lady-centric, and some will be simply because I like them and the people who made them!

Let’s start off with a new one. As Out With Dad wraps for the year, Pretty In Geek begins! It’s a show about girl-gamers, and it’s really fun! This new web series is made by my friends Elize Morgan and Courtney Wolfson. Elize and I are working on a bunch of projects together, which I look forward to sharing with you in the near future. Courtney is helping us with pre-production of our third season, how cool is that!?

Watch the first episode of Pretty In Geek, be sure to subscribe, like, share and comment!


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  1. Hello, i feel that i saw you visited my blog so i came to go back the favor?.I am trying to in finding issues to improve my website!I guess its ok to make use of some of your ideas!!

  2. I´m from Brazil, and since i saw this serie i became more comfortable to think that i not alone =)

  3. Last episode: … VANESSA kissing ROSE <33333 ………. awwwhhbhbhdhshdfshk …… CHEMISTRY OVERLOAD !!!!! ^_^

  4. Uff.. i came to watch this episode again, cause i’m going through the same as Rose, right now….i’m living the same problem.. makes me cry, i’m deeply sad

  5. hola hola de nuevo por aqui, solo para pedir un poco de noticias acerca del trailer de la nueva temporada, ojala y no tarde tanto para ver una probadita de mi seria favorita, a y le mando un saludo muy afectuoso a el Director Jason Leaver gracias por esta maravilla de serie

  6. I am Team Vanessa all the way! Mrs.LeMay is completely unfair to her daughter not allowing her to be with the one she truly loves. Ryan and Claire can go away because it is Vanessa and Rose forever! <3

    Androgynous Bisexual{Katelynn Anne Dengler}

  7. when is the next one :O it’s so good :O

  8. no puede ser 2013?? o x dios no puedo sperar tanto

    • Comment

  9. Team Claire all the way! Vanessa is in another page and Rose has to live what’s there for her.

  10. 2013???? What???

  11. It’s so hard to wait until 2013… =(

    • I know right :\

      • :(

  12. the only reason it’s not what we were wanting is because they want people to want more so they contribute! I’m only 14, and I have no way of contributing, but this show has really helped me come to terms with who I am, so I’m begging all of the older people who watch to help as much as they can!

  13. I have been watching this series from the beginning and only now have decided to voice my opinion it. I for one believe this is one of the best web series that has been created to date. It’s not often a story line with one parent and a confused teen is used.
    And considering it is a ‘webseries’ created by individuals using money out of their own pocket of course the quality isn’t going to be HD or better. They do the best they can.

    Rose is struggling it’s obvious and like I was she was/is afraid to full come out of her shell (I don’t like using the phrase closet). People like Vanessa’s mother are anything but few and understanding. I do often wonder what Vanessa’s take on all this was as well. In Rose’s dream this episode you could see she was tears. Was it because she was afraid of losing her best friend or something even more? I’d say it’s fifty/fifty because if I study it closely the first kiss shared between the too girls Vanessa leans in first and during the kiss in the episode “Chemistry with Vanessa’ it’s Vanessa who again does the kissing.

    Claire is another story. She’s out she’s confident and she doesn’t care. I can see Rose with her but I also feel that there’s that small chance that Clair will pull Rose out of her shell forcefully without trying. It’s plainly obvious that Claire likes Rose and is borderline jealous of Vanessa. But I’d say if Clair truly does care for Rose she would do what it wold take for her to be happy.

    One thing I am picturing in my head happening is Vanessa Rose and Claire all in the same place and both of them wanting her to choose between them…the results? Even I couldn’t come up with the right conclusions. Because in life there is no 100% correct answer someone is always going to wind up hurt or upset because you can’t please everyone and that’s the same with Rose and her story.

  14. I can`t even get 1 girlfriend and Rose has 2.

  15. To the writer(s), creator(s), producer(s), actors, and everyone behind the scenes, a huge thank you for all your hard work and committment to making this series. The subjects and themes that your show touches on are so important; acceptance, respect, understanding, empathy, as well as those of homophobia, and bigotry. Thank you for tackling these issues in such a respectful manner. There really should be more tv shows like this for LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex, queer) kids and their families and friends.

    Last year I completed Pro Tools 101, 201, and 210 and I would absolutely LOVE to donate my time to help you with the audio mixing. Unfortunately I live in Australia and I don’t own any audio mixing software. If you can see away around this, please let me know, and hopefuly we can sort something out.

    On a personal note, I’m all for team Claire. Caitlynne is amazing <3. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds next season, which can't come quickly enough!

  16. 2013?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Maybe a teaser/trailer in between now and then to occupy us while we wait? :)

  17. “until 2013 ” noooooooo :'( .Llore desde el principio hasta el final de este episodio,sobre todo en la parte en que Rose prácticamente se despide de Vanessa, espero que esto no sea del todo verdad porque creo que vanessa realmente ama a Rose, solo que necesita un tiempo para pensar sobre sus sentimientos.Estoy muy agradecida con esta serie,realmente es muyy buena y muestra todos los problemas que un gay-adolescente puede pasar en el proceso de salir del closet y aceptarse tal cual,me ha ayudado bastante ya que estoy en la misma situación que vanessa :$
    Realmente espero que esta serie continuee es demasiado buena como para perderla, gracias a todos los que se han encargado de crearla estoy segura que han ayudado a muchos.
    P,D: Espero que en la tercera temporada exista la posibilidad de ver a rose and vanessa juntas, solo estaré cruzando los dedos :9

    greetings from peru<3

  18. I feel kind of tricked. I tough we was actually going to see something happening beetween Rose and Claire in this episode by the picture of the episode, and it turns out that their kiss is just a dream.

    I hope we will get to see if Rose attend to the dance with Claire, but then there’s something that was told earlier. That there were just two more episodes with Vanessa. Witch I could conclude that Rose does not go to the dance. Since Vanessa is going to the dance with some guy. Rose can’t go to dance since they can’t both be there. Maybe I’m just overthinking…

    • Sorry to have tricked you!
      But rest assured there’ll be plenty more episodes that include Vanessa next season.

  19. I am hands down all for vanessa and rose! Team Vanessa <3

  20. While I am definitely in favor of Rose choosing Claire, I do feel terrible for her in having to give up on Vanessa in order to move on. That being said, I foresee some bumps in the road ahead for Claire and Rose in the future when Vanessa finds out if and when Rose begins dating Claire. It’ll probably be a gloriously dramatic scene. Too bad we’ll have to wait until 2013 to see that scene unfold. Great work as always, guys.

  21. i love this its amazing i cnt wait to see the next episode but its until 2013 thats way to long hopefully it comes out sooner:D

  22. People most of the time don’t stay with the first love they had, this is important, i like Vanessa and all, but people pass by this all the time, and people like Vanessa with this kind of problems with mom and dad, choose stay with family and maybe lose that love oportunity, and the other part of the love couple must go on with her life, and it’s better, sad, but you just can’t try for something that will never ever happen, so it’s good that Rose go on with her life, first love it’s important but not the most important, it’s just a step for the future life.
    When it’s over, you must to go on. It’s life, and i think this show it’s about to grow up, move on, and people trying to be happy, have a happy future.
    So i think if it’s Vanessa, good, but the mom like she had never change her mind and if it’s Claire better she’s accepted by her mom.
    Vanessa, she had to let other things, some people let all they have for love, that doesn’t mean it would last forever, this kids have 16 years so it’s a long road ahead.
    And Claire the same, they are young people and the most probably it’s the break up but each story had a happy ending, until it’s over.
    So it’s a great story about young love, grow up and to begin understanding the reality for the future life.

  23. Hey, loved this webseries, hope yous guys make the next series out quicker than 2013 though it seems ages away!!. Anyways, out with dad helped me to finally fully come out the closet and I’m soo much happier now! So thanks :)

    Much love
    from wee bonnie Scotland haha :)

  24. overall the season closer was excellent, however, still hoping that Rose and Vanessa are able to come back together, maybe at the school dance? I also want to give props to Adrian Ellis and the other artists who we have heard this season. I would certainly be interested in a soundtrack of some of the piano music included, esp/ like the beginning and ending pieces. Anyway keep up the good work and looking forward to season 3

  25. Soooo, if I contribute a lot would it be coming sooner or? Also, what all would it take to get the show on TV? I have unlimited funds, but I know there is probably a lot more to it than that.

  26. The scene with Rose and Vanessa kissing really got to me and now I really want them together! ooo 2013 is so long but this show is the best, really your team is awesome :]

  27. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this show. Rose’s character is fantastic and I love Claire and Vanessa. If any of you are ever in Oklahoma give me a shout. This gay teen from the bible belt of America says thanks again for the show.
    P.S. I absolutely LOVE the little theme song tune that plays at the beginning and end. Lovely arrangement.

  28. Lovely episode. I’ll get Uncle Eddie to write his review in the morning.

  29. i will be waiting for next season this show is soo awesome team rose and vanessa all the way they need to get together <3

  30. OMG OMG OMG…..!!!! Thank you so much!!!
    i´ll be waiting to next season!!!! Thank you thank youuuuu!! 😀

  31. so looking forward to 2013 :-)

    greetings from germany!

  32. I think that there are alot of stories out there talking about how first love never ends well, and how you need move on and stuff like that and it sure is what happens in real life… The first girl we like almost never like us back, but I think is important tell a story where even if it’s hard and even if it cant happen right away, it might happen someday, ’cause after all, you cant just forget someone who was a big part of your life. So I hope Rose hang out with Claire for awhile, get stronger and bla bla, but that eventually Vanessa get over herself, fight against her mother and try her best to stay with the girl she loves, ’cause even if she hasnt admited it, we know that the only thing keeping her away from Rose is her mother. So, I really hope that this story end up well and different from other sad stories.

  33. I really like this webserie, you guys are doing a great job, you have a fan in Brasil for sure. About the girls I think that Rose should get over Vanessa, I mean Claire is way better and way hotter than her, but I know how hard is to forget your first love, so it’s just wait until season 3 to see what happens. 2013 is so distant!!

  34. esta es una de las mejores series que he visto en internet, el que dijo que las series de internet son malas, no conoce out with dad, no puedo creer que debo esperar al 2013 para volver a verla, aunque no soy gay, siempre he sido de mente abierta, y esta serie me ha hecho ver lo dificil que es para las personas gay el vivir sus vidas y el enfrentarse a la ignorancia del resto de la gente, mientras intentan descubrir sus propias identidades y el poder encontrar el amor en un mundo donde las apariencias priman, felicito a los productores y reparto de esta magnifica serie, sigan con ese estupendo trabajo y los volvere a ver el 2013, que sigan muchas temporadas mas de out with dad.

  35. This series is so compelling for not only younger kids but older people like this 37-year-old who is still struggling with coming out and being gay! I wish I’d been able to watch something like this when I was younger to maybe give me the confidence to come out sooner or at the least make me feel more comfortable in my skin! I’m so glad that Out With Dad is here now, and I hope it stays around and inspires more efforts to make the world a more informed and safe place for girls who love girls and boys who love boys!

  36. Acting: Worse than a B-Movie
    Script: Fucking terrible
    Plot: Overused as fuck, unoriginal and totally boring

    All this can be over looked because it is a VERY VERY VERY amateur webseries, but my god hire a sound guy who actually knows what he is doing and spend more than $2 on a microphone. How anyone is even able to watch this is beyond me.

    • really ?!
      These people are working so hard to make it happen 😀
      If you are so critical, then why are you watching?

      <3 Out WIth Dad

    • “Plot: overused.. blah blah blah…” by overused, you mean like the plot of every single straight romantic movie/ tv show in history?! Sorry, but I don’t think you’ve got much of an argument there.
      I agree, the sound is a bit rough. But I imagine it’s by a student getting some experience, from which they can only learn (one can only hope).
      Each to their own, though. I guess you can always opt to not watch?

    • There is no need to say that stuff.

  37. Lovely episode!. We must wait until 2013 ouch…that’s bad…Kate conway is very lucky, she kisses 2 girls hehehe, i hope to see some shorts once in a while, it is gonna be hard for me to wait until 2013, it’s about half year from now… i’ll cry ='(… i love that song it’s amazing, ballad better.

  38. Love the “Late July” post card on the bulletin board while their song is playing, Nice touch. Can’t believe how much detail you folks put into every episode.

  39. Fantastic, moving finale. Can’t wait for 2013.

  40. Why isnt there English Subtitles? Help!! NEED THEM!! :(

  41. Nossa…Eu simplesmente adorei! *-*
    Agora nós fãs de “Out with Dad” só resta esperar 2013 chegar…Vai ser uma tortura mas aguentaremos firme. 😉

  42. Oh God….I have seen all episodes and seasons, always waiting for the day I went out and until they placed the subtitles, as I am from Argentina do not understand much English, just a little, but now I use the google translator xD I can not wait until 2013, july -. – seriously? cry for a long wait, if it is now July 2012 xD but, I really love this series and I would love to donate but I have no money T_T I hope … one day … and donate everything to LGBT series xD! I love this series, I’m a big fan of not only out with dad, if not also in many other series and movies *. * I love the drama, comedy, romance and above all, then I can only wait. U.U

    Greetings from Argentina, and well done to all
    I love this … 😀

  43. Omg V n Rose is soooo much like me n my friend that i have been in love with for like 6 years but my mom n her mom hate gay poeple …. i wish i can just be my self n her to but we CANT n i know she loves me back n i love her to if my mom n her mom didnot hate gay poeple i would be with her right now but now we never talk n at the end of this espoide that is what happend to mee i needed to getred for all me n her pics n give someone esls a change but i know i well never get over her :( TEAM V (L)

  44. Guys! 2013??!! That’s waaay to much time. You can’t do that to us!!! Why??? This show is too good, to be gone for so long :(

  45. i wanted to watch the last episode but I can not play it….to bad…I’m really curious…I’ve never had problems before

  46. Wow i really hope vanessa comes around. i know its really hard on rose right now but time will be on her side hopefully. claire is awesome but I like RONESSA!!!!

  47. absolutely amazing show!! can’t wait for season 3. I think Rose has more chemistry with Vanessa but i think Vanessa will break her heart. Finger’s crossed she doesn’t. Best wishes from Scotland

  48. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

    Team Claire!

    I think I will explode waiting to watch more, but it’ll give me something to look forward to!

    I really want Rose to be happy in the next season, I love how she’s moving into happiness from season one, but I still don’t think she’s quite there.

    I just don’t think a future with Vanessa is a good option at all. I think Vanessa has a lot to work through before making any kind of commitment like that and Claire is there, ready, waiting and so amazingly cute.

    I also think, that if you have an out with dad store that sells DVD copies of the show (or even downloadable ones for a small price), T-shirts, bracelets or even little badges that may be a good option to getting more funds in. (Cause I know i’d love to have a DVD or electronic copy, but can’t afford $100 and refuse to illegally burn)

    Keep up the good work, and I hope to see season 3 out next year <3

    • I agree!

      And I like the idea with the Out with Dad store :)

  49. What 2013? – new name “www.withoutdad.com”. See what I did there!!!!! I know; hillarious!!

    Great show – can’t what for season 3, and also to see the fabulous Kate Conway expand her reportoire in some news shows.

  50. I loove when you guys spice it up a little bit. great job i love you guys tons of love from méxico

  51. team vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    perfect mate vanessa and rose

  52. Well first of all, 2013!! Reallyy??! x___x… man thats gonna be a loooong wait… but anyway I hope that before that I would be able to FINALLY give at least a small contribution :s… ( I really want to but my economy is really bad x__x)

    Anywaayy!!… don’t know, I have mixed feelings about this season finale… because well Rose is determined to move on from Vanessa… good ( and God Do i know how hard that is x__x… Is like killing a part of yourself…) but it was like… I don’t know.. I mean she hasnt decided anything yet and she’s just having wet dreams… ( by the way WOW!! O__O) and it was like … so??… to many things are now there hanging waiting to be answered until 2013!!! ( REALLLYY???!! and if the world is over?? like is said in all the mayan predictions?? XD ja ja )

    in the end was just and simply great ( all the season) really deep, intense, interesting… just loved it… keep the great work guys! and will be waiting impatiently!!! hope time goes by fast!! kisses and hugs to everybody! ( spetially Kate XD) greetings from MExico!!!

  53. I don`t like this finale I think “que estubo flojo” and i wrote this in spanish becose I don`t know how wrote in english but also becose don`t close anything just open the long wait to the next season.

    Like always i apologize for my english is not so good

    saludos desde colombia (also i don`t now how in english)

    great work please continue do it

  54. Great episode!! I really enjoyed it. Although, it would be great to see Rose with Vanessa for real instead of Rose dreaming it. This series is amazing and it is definitely worth the wait. Even though seeing the third season sooner than 2013 would be simply amazing. Keep up the good work guys!!

  55. To be honest, i have great respect for this show and the people running it and in it. But this episode was disappointing, i really wanted Rose to just go for it one more time. The dreams were intense though, the chemistry was positively astonishing and well i just was at awe.

  56. Was such a sad episode especially the ending. Can’t wait for season 3 and once I have a job I’m going to contribute because this is such an amazing series. Also just want to say it was awesome that Rose’s penpal was from Wales cause I am to. Look forward to the next series =)

  57. 2013 comassim???????? Oo
    vamos ter que esperar tanto assim….. mas que droga >.<
    pensei tanto que Rose iria ficar logo com a Claire agora eu vou ter que esquecer que elas existem por pelo menos 6 meses ou então vou enlouquecer hua ^^

  58. I’m definitely Team Claire :) I was really hoping we were going to see their first kiss… but alas it was only a dream :) I was disappointed that she threw the photos away, she could have just put them in a box and stored them away, especially the photos of her birthday with other people in photos too. Massive fan of the show, gutted we have to wait for the new year! Oh yeah – greetings from England!! :))

  59. The last scene was really heartbreaking, I understand how Rose feels about Vanessa cause she is her first love. Hopefully she’ll be happy with Claire but hey, who knows? Anything can happen. I really want to keep seeing Vanessa around. Thank you for all your hard work and can’t wait for next season.

  60. I’ve a little suggestion for a title of an episode:

    “Out of your mind” :-)

    I mean, seriously, 2013! How are we supposed to survive half a year… With no Rose, no Vanessa & no Claire?
    I’m devastated…

  61. The first thing im gonna do when i get a job is to give a large donation to the makers of this show. It’s simply too amazing to let it go.

    It’s a shame we have to wait so long but damn it it’s going to be worth it :)

  62. 2013? :( soa meio longe
    Mas, parabéns a série é ótima e obrigada pela legenda em português :)
    Ahhh e vaiiiii Claire…
    Saudações do BRASIL!!!!

  63. Wow, this is so great series, but 2013? I won’t be able to keep on waiting so long! Rose really reminds me of myself because of her dreams 😀 I would also like to hang out with a girl as Claire… Greetings from the Czech Republic!

  64. sere sincera me hizo llorar este capitulo esta excelente,es una lastima que out with dad regrese hasta el 2013 lo esperare con ansia gracias esto es lo mas puro real veridico no me cansare de verlo y de darles mil felicitaciones por esta gran serie

  65. Love the show. It may be low budget, but the reality of it is true to a fault. It’s not at all easy being gay; for a guy or a girl. I still find myself unable to come out to my parents. I don’t have a problem coming out to others people but with my parents….oh boy. Rose is so lucky to have a dad like she does; accepting and understanding of her sexual orientation. I’m gonna be re-watching this show over and over throughout the year until we get out Season 3!!!!!! This show is seriously helping me cope with being Bi/Gay (not sure if I still like boys or not) alot.

    Also I just recently had my first love come to an end. :( My first real heartbreak. She just didn’t like me as much as I liked her and simply couldn’t love me back. And I find myself still hung over her really bad. But this show has made me realize that while my FIRST love ended, there are plenty of other people out there that might just be better suited for me (like Rose and Claire). I could really just identify with Rose and her unrequited love for Vanessa (who just couldn’t love her in the way she needed/wanted to be loved). Made me realist that just because my first love didn’t last doesn’t mean I won’t have a second one. :) Can’t wait for season 3! But July 2013? SOOOO far away! But I’m going to be downloading these episodes so I can watch them on my ipod! Favorite LGBT show!!!!

  66. I think Rose should give Claire a chance to make her happy, as the latest is sure of who she is and what she wants, besides she is very sweet. Vanessa is not coming out any time soon and Rose just can´t wait for Vanessa to decide and fight for them. Rose will get hurt in the process of waiting for Vanessa and listening to her comments (and her mother’s). If Vanessa loves Rose, then she will have to fight!

    By the way, great show and…¡Saludos desde Argentina! X3

  67. Good work, and great respect to the people who are still making such high quality work as a labour of love. All I can ask for really is that poor Rose gets a real kiss, rather than just dreaming about them :) Can’t wait for season 3

  68. To be honest i was kind of disappointed with this episode considering there will only be another one next year but at the same time i’m happy she’s at least trying to get over Vanessa. She’s not coming out anytime soon and Rose can’t just stop everything and wait so i hope she gives Claire a real chance. Hope next season will be as exiting as this one, good job!

  69. Loved the the episode! 2013… July? ;_;

    Good news found a fix to the going to comercial but not coming back problem with Dailymotion. Just watch it on Dailymotion site instead of the embeded video.

    Click on the big bar on the video instead of the play button.

    • Thanks for this tip!
      I’ve added it to the info above. Hopefully this will help others too!

  70. I love that episode.
    But I’m so sad that I have to wait until 2013 now. ):

  71. Loved the awkwardness in the beginning of this episode , have to say
    TEAM CLAIRE all the way
    loving Out with dad from England :-)

  72. Claire is great . Shes so kind and loving towards Rose and Rose likes her alot as i can see . But towards the end its more noticeable that she still loves Vanessa . And the part that kills me is that Vanessa loves her too.
    I guess Rose is just trying to avoid the feelings she has for V by taking the pictures away and giving Claire a chance cuz she is truly great.
    V and Rose will end up together.
    You cant fight love.

  73. waoooo!!! que final, disfrute la gala de besos, pero quede muy triste por que rouse quiere sacar de su mente a vanessa uff!!! espero la 3ra temporada con ansias. ojala vanessa haga algo para estar junto a rouse, es una exelente pareja. bueno claire es cute, pero estoy en el equipo de vanessa…

  74. GREAT !! It was beautiful. You are amazing! And I’m waiting for you ! Best wishes from Poland.

  75. OMG! llore llore de principio a fin obvio por saber que es el ultimo episodio de la temporada pero mas cuando Rose en cierta forma se despidio de Vanessa tirando las fotos ojala yo fuera igual de valiente que ella :( me encanto ver todos esos besos que nos quedaron debiendo toda la temporada 😀


    Saludos desde Mexico

  76. i just about started crying when Rose started to take the pics of her and Vanessa down. i mean Claire is right in the sense of Rose needing to get Vanessa off her mind but at the same time i feel theres still hope for Rose and Vanessa.

  77. ow btw TEAM CLAIREEE

  78. this is AWESOME, i’d love to see way more of this! great job! 😀

  79. Wow! 2013 really!!! We have to wait over 6 months to see what happens. mistake……… alot of fans are gonna move on to something else…… I know your very independent and low budget but timing is everything. I think you have a really good message here for teens thats going to get lost.

    • :( i think will be like a year no 6 months to wait :(

  80. I think she will end up with Vanessa in third season . Rose likes Claire and everybody can see that but she loves V and V loves her back but isnt able to tell her that . I think Rose is going to try to be happy with C but its never gonna work because she truly loves Vanessa.


    • i completely agree, she is far to in love with vanessa at the moment so trying it with claire will never work.

      Rose/Vanessa fans for the win!

  81. Nathan… xDDDD
    Yeah, well… I started the episode and had to rewatch it. ‘Cause.. there’re some parallels to my situation. Although I’m not the one who has loved and wasn’t loved back, but there were changes recently. And I was so able to identify. And altogether this epi was sooo stunning. So amazingly beautifully done and acted.
    I would be so sad if OWD couldn’t return properly. This second season was hearbreaking, funny, revealing. I’m kinda addicted I think..^^
    So, yeah. I’ll definitely rewatch this episode and the whole season for numerous times, until there’s a 2013 date announced 😉
    and the music was awesome as ever!
    Best wishes from Germany

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    I wanted to see more, but it’s well done. I think Rose definitely put an end with Vanessa, and trying be happy either with Claire or someone else. Anyway we don’t know what will happen in the third season, I just want everyone can be happy lol 😀

    I’ll wish to contribute, I hope I can do it in the following months. Regards from Peru :)

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  84. Claire is right Rose need’s to move on cause Vanessa aint coming out of that closet anytime soon. Plus with V out of Rose’s thought’s leave’s room for Claire, someone who is sure of who she is.

    Not sure how we will cope without OWD until 2013 ;(

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