The other day, I had dinner (pizza) and dessert (to-die-for triple chocolate cookies fresh from the oven) courtesy of Vanya Garraway, Out With Dad‘s assistant director and production coordinator.  We watched this episode, oh, three or four times. It’s magical – even for me, who was on set that day fighting off the heat and humidity created by a house full of people and empty of air conditioning in a Toronto heatwave (and you’ll notice it’s the first time Kate Conway (“Rose”) has her hair up).  Vanya fell in love with this episode before she even came on board, so of course, today’s reflection is all hers.

“Besides the technical strengths, the wonderful performances and the relatable storyline in ‘Party Out’, it is the music that drives the episode. Who hasn’t had a stolen moment with some they love that they know they can’t have? Especially, as a teenager, when every event seems life affirming or life changing. It is amazing how often these moments are set to music. Those songs embed themselves and stamp those moments. When I watch ‘Party Out’, it almost feels like I am in three moments in time, Rose’s present, my own past and a memory that Rose could have in the future. Each of the three songs reveals a different layer of Roses emotions in the form of rhythmic expression. I come back to this episode time and again because I feel I can relate. When fans look back on this episode, it will do two things: one, it will remind us of our past again and two, it will remind us of the first time we saw this chapter of Rose’s life. It will do the same thing it seems to do for Rose and again we will be right beside her on her journey. It’s this timelessness that made me want to be apart of the series. Thank you for watching!”

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