In with Kate: Her favourite scene with Lindsey

I asked her which scene was one of her favourites to film with Lindsey Middleton. Of all the Rose & Vanessa scenes from seasons one or two, which was your favourite?

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  1. this is also my favourite scene, lindsey is so conflicted about how she feels for rose, she knows in her heart that she loves her but then her mother turns up and brings her back to reality, she knows her mother would never accept her and is scared of being disowned by her family, i love the relationship between rose and lindsey and i hope that in season 3 she learns that at some point she has got to do what makes her happy and not her mother. i would love to see their relationship progress and see lindsey overcome these struggles and follow her heart.

  2. My favorite scene must maybe be the one where their dancing together. It’s like during the song it kind of explains how Vanessa struggles between that she likes Rose, but it can’t work out for them. It’s like, it starts very happy and ends up sad. All during the same song.

  3. Oh…I’m german, I can’t understand so much^^

    • Ok…I’ve understand^^

      I would know, what has been her favourite Caitlynne/Clair scene! 😀


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