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Only for the Champions of Out With Dad

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The Champions of Out With Dad

Upon filming our final block of episodes, which we call Season 5, it was decided these would be our final five episodes. We consider this ending a great triumph, because we were able to bring the story and our characters to a conclusion we feel is deserved.

We thank The Champions of Out With Dad for making this possible. These are the gracious fans are those who have supported this show on a monthly basis using Patreon, or you are one of our translators, our volunteers, cast, crew, or friends and family of the production. It is thanks to the support of so many wonderful human beings from around the globe over past eight years, that we have been able to produce 82 episodes totalling over 11¼ hours of digital motion picture and sound.

You can still join our Patreon after to gain access to all of the episodes that will remain “Patrons only” until future notice, plus other exclusive perks until they are released publicly. When signing up, you’ll be charged the amount you choose. The recurring monthly billing has been disabled, so you won’t be billed again without further notice.

Many of our Patrons have told us these final episodes are our best work.

How can I see the last episodes?

Until further notice, episodes 4.18 to 5.05 will only be available to The Champions of Out With Dad.

To gain access these episodes, you can do one of the following options:

Become a Patron

Only the Patrons of Out With Dad can see all of Season 4 & 5, plus lots of other perks, including insider info. To become a Patron, visit our Patreon page by clicking the logo above. You will be billed as soon as you become a Patron, but the recurring payments have been disabled so you won’t be billed again.

Watch OnDemand

Episodes of Out With Dad will be repackaged and made available On Demand or for digital download. This option will become available in mid-2017, after the musical score has been re-recorded with live musicians and episodes are recut into longer formats. Stay tuned for more details.

Who are The Champions of Out With Dad?

The Champions of Out With Dad are individuals from around the globe who support the making of Out With Dad. These people are the reason Out With Dad got as far as it has. Our Champions include: the monthly supporters of our Patreon of $3 or more, the volunteers who create and translate our subtitles, and of course the cast and crew of Out With Dad who continue to work on this series by agreeing to work at wages far below industry standards. This show, beloved around the world, quite simply could not be made without you.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a recurring crowdfunding platform that enables fans to become patrons of the arts. It allows you to pledge any amount you’d like to give your favourite artists on a monthly or per creation basis. It’s different from other crowdfunding platforms, which are better suited for one-time-only projects; like we did with Season 3… which took forever.

How the funds are used.How we’ve used Patreon:

When we started Season 4 in the summer of 2015, we made one episode per month, using only the amount pledged that month. It was very inefficient, which lead to episodes that felt small. They only had one scene, one location, only two actors, made by a small crew.

By 2016 we had faith in the Patreon model and in our patrons sticking with us. With that confidence, we started shooting batches of scenes at a time which was more efficient. That’s how we were able to afford flying Caitlynne Medrek back to Toronto in March 2016. We filmed over 40 minutes of new scenes with her! In our last batch of episodes, we were able to shoot our proudest work.

We are no longer using Patreon to fund new episodes of Out With Dad, but you can still pledge any amount you’d like and you’ll be charged right away. That way you’ll gain access to everything our Patrons did, such as insider information, the recorded episode live stream premieres, rough cuts, download scripts, and more.

This page was last updated on March 20, 2017