This series is 100% funded by

The Champions of Out With Dad

The Champions of Out With Dad are the gracious fans who have pledged to support this show on a monthly basis using Patreon, or by one of the other ways mentioned below.

This show cannot be made without you. A narrative drama is not something that can be done for free: there are cast and crew to pay, costs like transportation, catering, equipment rentals and hours of editing. With our current level of funding we are able to produce approximately 7-9 minutes of new scenes per month while paying wages considered below industry standard rates. We need to grow our patronage in order to continue to making this series as a viable form of employment for the creators. In an effort to encourage more patronage, new episodes will no longer be posted for free on YouTube & Dailymotion until we reach our goal of $5000/month on Patreon*. In the meantime, only The Champions of Out With Dad will have access to new episodes as they’re completed.

*in USD, amount subject to change

For exact progress towards our funding goal, please visit our Patreon, profile page at:

How can I see new episodes?

Until we meet our goal, new episodes will only be available to The Champions of Out With Dad.

There are several ways to become a Champion:

Become a Patron

The Patrons of Out With Dad will get to see new scenes every month, plus lots of other perks, including insider info. To learn more, visit our Patreon page by clicking the logo above.

If you’re already a Patron, you don’t need to change anything! You’re already going to see new episodes every month.

Watch OnDemand

Episodes of Out With Dad will be repackaged and made available On Demand or for digital download. This option will become available in late 2016. Stay tuned for more details.

Donate any amount you can

Just want to donate what’s in your pocket? You still can, and we really appreciate it. Any amount will help keep Out With Dad alive. If you donate amounts totalling $100CAD or more, we would like to add you to our Champions of Out With Dad email list, to be notified each time a new episode is uploaded, plus we’ll notify you of live-streaming events and that kind of thing.

Over the years, hundreds of fans have donated via our PayPal (such as during our Season 3 campaign). We couldn’t have gotten this far without you! We’d like you to be on our Champions Email list – however, as a result of Canadian anti-spam laws we cannot simply add you. If you think you already qualify as a Champion of Out With Dad, please let us know and we’ll send you the sign-up form.

Who are The Champions of Out With Dad?

The Champions of Out With Dad are individuals from around the globe who support the making of Out With Dad. These people are the reason Out With Dad got to where it is, and how it continues today. Our Champions include: the monthly supporters of our Patreon of $3 or more, the volunteers who create and translate our subtitles, the donors of cash or Amazon wishlist items of $100CAD or more, and of course the cast and crew of Out With Dad who continue to work on this series by agreeing to work at wages far below industry standards. This show, beloved around the world, quite simply could not be made without you.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a recurring crowdfunding platform that enables fans to become patrons of the arts. It allows you to pledge any amount you’d like to give your favourite artists on a monthly or per creation basis. It’s different from other crowdfunding platforms, which are better suited for one-time-only projects; like we did with Season 3… which took forever.

How the funds are used.How we use Patreon:

When we started Season 4 in the summer of 2015, we made one episode per month, using only the amount pledged that month. It was very ineffient, which lead to episodes that felt small. They only had one scene, one location, only two actors, made by a small crew.

Now, in 2016 we have faith in the Patreon model and that these the patrons are are sticking with us. With that confidence, we can shoot a batch of scenes at a time which is more efficient. That’s how we were able to afford flying Caitlynne Medrek back to Toronto last March for a week. We filmed over 40 minutes of new scenes! We can do it this way by counting on future months of patronage. At our current level of funding, we spent the equivalent of six months of funding, so we’ll release the next batch of episodes On Demand after we’ve been paid, later this year. 

When we release, episodes will be bigger and better than ever, with more scenes and more characters. 

As a Patron of Out With Dad, you can pledge any amount you’d like to give on a monthly basis. We aren’t asking you to pledge very much, the hope is that if a lot of you give just a little – it’ll add up. As a Patron of Out With Dad you’ll get insider information, see new episodes, see rough cuts of scenes as soon as they’re completed, download scripts, participate in our live commentary recordings, watch livecasts of editing, see your name in the end credits and more.

For specific details about perks for patrons, visit our Patreon page:

This page was last updated on October 15, 2016