BuyHowDoYou-squareavatarIf you’ve been keeping up with my vlogs, you know it’s been a challenging couple of weeks. I’ve been writing our secret project – only to decide to put that one on hold and try something different. We’ll still get to that, and we’re going to make Season 4. We’ll make Season 4 before we start filming this new idea.

So, what’s this new idea? It’s called But, How Do You Have Sex? I’m writing it with Nadine Bell (creator of LESlieVILLE), and it’s staring Kate Conway and Russell Winkelaar. Kate is once again playing an “out but not loud” lesbian, and Russell is playing a paraplegic man. Russell was an executive producer of the second season of My Gimpy Life, in which he had a guest role.

But, How Do You Have Sex? is comedy webseries following their adventures in dating. Late bloomer by circumstance, not by choice, he’s never had a girlfriend or even a first kiss. He’s repeatedly put in the friendzone and judged by being in a wheelchair. Joining him on his quest to “get some” is his lesbian best friend. This odd couple compare notes and navigate the world of dating in a hetrosexual able-bodied-centric world.

This project is an opportunity for the cast and crew of Out With Dad to get some paid work while doing what we love doing, and still giving our fans something you’ll love. We’re sure of it! It won’t get in the way of making Season 4, which we’re still trying to figure out how to pay for it.

Be sure to watch the trailer and share, share, share! Part of the application process to the Independent Production Fund is demonstrating that we can build audience engagement – we’d like to show them how great our fans are!