About two years ago, I was introduced to Nadine Bell. We were introduced because we’re both making web series. I remember her first sentence to me “Hi, we’re supposed to meet because we’re both making web series and we’re both gay!” Well, I’m not – but my show is! We hit it off instantly. She was still in the early stages of pre-production back then. Meanwhile, I was about to being production on season two of Out With Dad. When it came time to shoot, she was on set almost every day helping out every way she could. When she let me read her script, I fell in love. Then, she asked me to be her cinematographer. I said yes without having to think about it.

Now, after a long post-production period, we can finally share it with you. The first episode debuts tomorrow. I’ll post the first episode on this page in a few days. For now, please watch and enjoy our introduction video with the trailer. And please, ignore my messy hair.

LESlieVILLE is a webseries about connection, attraction and navigating between lust and true love. It’s the story of two girls meeting, clicking, but one is already in a relationship. Still, the two carry on with their “friendship” firmly wrapped up in denial about what they’re really doing – falling in love.

Watch the first episode