The long awaited return of Vanessa ends! We’re proud to present a new music video Livi – “It Was Real”, a Mimetic Entertainment production.

Photo by: Natasha Francis

In our next episode, you’ll hear this new song by songstress Livi. The song came as a suggestion from fellow filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth. It’s perfect for the scenes – I can’t wait for you to see it when it comes out later this month!

Gavin and I got talking about a music video for Livi. He asked if he could include clips from Out With Dad. I suggested a step further: include Kate and Lindsey too! So, the three of us trekked down to Windsor, Ontario to join Livi in the making of this music video, to be directed by Gavin.

We met some great new people, and their hospitality was amazing! “It felt so good to be back on set,” Lindsey says. “I was glowing with excitement… get it, because of the light bulbs.”

“Livi’s music is so beautiful”, says Kate. “It complements our show immensely. I can’t wait to see the fan response!”

We’re happy to present “It Was Real” [acoustic]:

This is the live acoustic version. Look for the official music video with the soon-to-be-released single version of the song.

Lindsey Middleton and Kate Conway on set with Livi and director Gavin Michael Booth.

Directed & Edited By: Gavin Michael Booth
Camera: Bronwen Wood, Gavin Michael Booth, Jason Leaver
Audio Mix: Gavin Slate

Produced By: Mimetic Entertainment

Starring: Kate Conway & Lindsey Middleton

Art Direction: Matt Diamante & Ryan Pukay
Hair & Make-Up: Giselle Moussa
Catering: Bull’s Eye Pizza
Still Photographer: Natasha Francis
Special Thanks: Marie Jeannette, Rhys Trenhaile

Out With Dad footage courtesy of JLeaver Presentations

To hear more from Livi:

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