Rose is full of doubts. A chance encounter with Vanessa makes her even more confused. To make it an even worse day, both Nathan and Rose encounter homophobia and neither know how to deal with it.

Please note: this episode contains language that may be uncomfortable for some viewers to hear. NSFW, not suitable for work.

Enjoy the soundtrack? This episode contains music by Livi and Lesley Pike. For more information about these wonderful musicians, please see below.

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A note about Nathan’s homophobic experience

Nathan’s experience with a client comes directly from my own life. I was filming at a client’s office for a full day shoot, during our lunch break someone told a story very similar to the one Nathan hears. There were about half a dozen people in the room, and everyone was laughing except me and my friend. We didn’t know what to do. I should have called him on it. Yet, he’s my client. I need to continue working with this guy. What a terrible excuse to not say anything. I remember looking across the table at my buddy, both of us uncomfortable. I’m still ashamed that I didn’t say anything.

Almost immediately after it happened, the idea struck me that I must include this experience in a scene of Out With Dad.

I’m sorry to anyone I may have offended with this scene, though I’m sure everyone understands why it needed to be told.

cast, in order of appearance:
Kate Conway as Rose
Lindsey Middleton as Vanessa
Matt Landry as Ryan Brown
Caitlynne Medrek as Claire
Gene Abella as the Teacher
Ashton Catherwood as Dave
Brendon Smith as the homophobic client
Will Conlon as Nathan
Nathan Athay as Ed
Corey Lof as Kenny
Laura Jabalee as Alicia
Lizzie Stuart-Morris, Kelsey Jenkins and Shailene Garnett as Alicia’s friends
Chandler Boriska as Britney
Carol Huska as Mackenzie

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver

The music of “Out with Doubts”

This is our first episode of season two without any score. I always knew it was destined for songs for its soundtrack, it says so in the script!

I was having troubles finding the right music. I discovered these fantastic ladies through fellow filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth. He’s directed many music videos over the years, and so he knows many indie bands and musicians. I described the scenes to him and he sent me some suggestions!


It Was Real

The first track Gavin sent me was Livi’s “It Was Real”. I downloaded it while I was in transit. Even without the scenes in front of me, I knew it was perfect. Be sure to watch the music video Gavin directed for this song, feature Kate & Lindsey in their roles.

For more info about this music video, please click here.

Lesley Pike

White Lies

For Rose’s jogging scene, I always knew I wanted up-beat and happy sounding music. It had to be something the juxtaposes Rose’s uncomfortable conversation with Britany and Mackenzie. Gavin sent me a few tracks again – this one jumped right out at me. What I didn’t expect is that the song would work well for the preceding scene as well! Despite sounding happy and upbeat, it’s about white lies, which is so appropriate given how Rose is still hiding who she is.

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