In our mid-season finale, Nathan tries what he can to apologize to Rose. Unable to forgive, Rose is still overwhelmed with the possibility of life without Vanessa.

Before watching this episode, read the lost episode “Out After Dark”, a web-comic adaptation of the minisode that would have preceded this episode.

Enjoy Dan Beausoleil’s song Apology? Read about it below.

   Les visiteurs en provenance de France peut regarder sur Studio 4.0.

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cast, in order of appearance:
Will Conlon as Nathan
Kate Conway as Rose
Corey Lof as Kenny
Lizzie Stuart-Morris as Juliet
Adrian Rebucas as Romeo
Gene Abella as the Teacher
Lindsey Middleton as VanessaDan Beausoleil as Ethan
Ashton Catherwood as Dave (reprising his role from Microwave Porn!)
Darryl Dinn as Johnny
Laura Jabalee as Alicia
with classmates Shailene Garnett, Allan Zacca and Carol Huska

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Produced by:
Kara Dymond
Eric Taylor

Written by:
Jason Leaver
with Will Conlon

Created, Produced and Directed by:
Jason Leaver

||Daniel Beausoleil|Heading|||
Multi-talented Dan is no stranger to Out With Dad. He’s a regular re-occurring actor. He was first seen playing the guitar at the party the gang attended in season one – and he also provided the music to that scene. His latest album can be heard on his Sound Cloud page here, including this song that I felt was really appropriate for this episode.