During season two, there was meant to be a minisode of Out With Dad called “Out After Dark”, which I co-wrote with Kate Conway. Unfortunately we never got the opportunity to film it in time. This minisode would have taken place between episodes 2.05 “Striking Out” and 2.06 “Working it Out”.

Over the years we’ve had a very dedicated fan by the name of Steven Myers. He’s written many insightful reviews about our show on his blog. He also happens to be a comic book artist. We’ve gotten to e-know each other a bit. When I told him there’s a “lost episode” of Out With Dad, we started discussing the possibility of him adapting the script as a web-comic. Well, here it is! Steven maintained the dialogue exactly as Kate and I wrote it. The artwork, blocking and framing are all his. I think he did an amazing job, and I’m very proud to share it with you. To read some of Steven’s insight into the work, read his blog post here.

Please enjoy “Out After Dark”, our lost episode of Out With Dad:

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