Composer/Performer Adrian Ellis in his studio, during a spotting session with for episode 2x03.

One of my greatest prides about Out With Dad has been its music. I’ve been very fortunate to work with my good friend: composer Adrian Ellis. He’s been scoring Out With Dad since the beginning. I think his work is outstanding.

I’ve also been privileged to have music by a number of talented musical artists who have shared their music, including: Late July, Lara Martin, Dan Beausoleil (vote for him in The Vox Essence Music Competition!) and Trio Arjento. And in February of this year, we were honoured by We Love Soaps with the Independent Soap Award for Outstanding Use of Music.

Since our first season some fantastic musicians have approached me about using their music in our second season. I plan to, because I love their work! I don’t think this is really a spoiler, so I’d like to introduce you to: Tonella Roy from Toronto and Jeryl from New York City. Click on their names, check out their music. You’ll be glad you did.

||Your Music in Out With Dad|SubHeading|||

I’d like to have some more songs! I need several songs for an episode that we’ll be shooting next month (and will premiere in November). How many? Not exactly sure yet. I’ll be using music by some of the artists mentioned above. Maybe we could hear YOUR MUSIC TOO!

If you’d like to have your music considered for Out With Dad (and you own all the rights to grant us permission) please send us an email with links to your music or MP3s or however you’d like to share it with us. Send an email with an introduction to: You’ll get an automated response right away. After I’ve considered all the submissions I’ll contact you and let you know if I think there’s a place for your song or songs in Out With Dad.

Can’t wait to hear some great music!