This Monday night we won our first award! We Love Soaps nominated Out With Dad for five Independent Soap Awards including: Breakout Performance, Kate Conway; Outstanding Lead Actor, Will Conlon; Outstanding Writing and Outstanding Direction, Jason Leaver; and Outstanding Use of Music.  We were nominated along side many amazing talented people.  We’re proud to say we took home the award for Outstanding Use of Music.  Series creator Jason Leaver accepted the award presented by Julie Ann Emery of And Then We Got Help!.

Out With Dad creator Jason Leaver, accepting the award for "Outstanding Use of Music" (Photo by: Gustavo Monroy)

The ceremony was held at The Ailey Studios in New York City, hosted by the hilarious Martha Byrne, creator and star of Gotham.  We’d like to thank Damon L. Jacobs and Roger Newcomb for having the vision and creating the event. We are honoured. The evening was filled with red-carpet excitement, glamorous people, networking and mingling with creators, makers and actors of the other terrific web series represented.    A video recording of the ceremony will be posted in the coming days.

The music in Out With Dad is very special part of the storytelling.  It includes songs by a collection of amazing musicians and song writers:

“Half Light” by Lara Martin in episode 1, Rose with Vanessa

“Heroes” by Dan Beausoleil in episode 2, Out to Lunch

“Steady Beating Drum” by Lara Martin
“Side Swept” by Late July
“Time is Wasting” by Dan Beausoleil
in episode 4, Party Out

“Insomnia” by Trio Arjento in episode 5, Blind Date with Nathan

“A Well Kept Secret” by Late July in episode 7, Chemistry with Vanessa

What would Out With Dad be without its score?  The series score, including the opening titles music, is composed, produced and performed by Adrian Ellis (additionally featuring multi-instrumentalist Michael McGuffin and harpist Susan Vinovich).  It should be noted that Adrian contributes much more than just music to Out With Dad.  Often he is the first to see a cut of an episode, which places him in a unique position to share his insight into the drama, pacing and themes.  His feedback is always valued and taken into consideration, often reflected in further refinements to the scenes.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the music of Out With Dad.