Our call for story submissions remains open. I’m still looking for one more (non-fiction) story with a specific tone for an important upcoming scene. The missing story I’m looking for needs to be rather grim. A story that is quite unlike the loving and accepting story Rose has experienced.

Fortunately we still have time on our side, so we can afford to extend this deadline in further.

The original call for story submissions:

Extended call for story submissions:

Lindsey and I took a moment at the end of our busy production day to record this message regarding the call for submissions.

Why don’t I just make it up? I could, I’m a writer after all. But I think it’s important that real struggles are presented with real stories by real people, even if they’re told by actors. Plus, this is a web series, my favourite interactive story telling medium. This is an opportunity to interact with audience and get you guys involved.