At last! We return from our hiatus! We pick up right where we left off as Rose, Nathan and Johnny attend their first PFLAG sharing meeting. Two of the stories they hear are written by members of our audience in response to our call for story submissions. For the most part, the dialog spoken by our actors comes directly from their text – with only a few changes for dramatic purposes.
Rose also happens to encounter a familiar face…
For more information about PFLAG Canada, please visit them online:

   Les visiteurs en provenance de France peut regarder sur Studio 4.0.

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This episode is the first of two parts, watch Part II here.

We’re happy to welcome Paul Bellini, of Kids in the Hall fame in the role of Gerry, the meeting’s moderator. You can all catch him as The Man, along side Darryl Dinn, in the Levi Brother’s hit web series Masculathon.


A note about PFLAG Canada

Nearly three years ago I started researching for Out With Dad. Like Nathan’s experiences in the beginning of our second episode, I was dismayed by the lack of resources for parents if faced with a child coming out. I did, however, find one excellent resource: I recall reading they had meetings every couple of weeks and tried my hand at writing a scene for Rose and Nathan. The way that early draft unfolded was based on a lot of guess work, because I didn’t have the courage to go to a meeting myself. Last year, one of our first official fans, Donna, invited me to come with her to a PFLAG Durham sharing meeting. I was really nervous – would I be accepted? I kept wondering if it was appropriate that a straight guy with no need to go other than curiosity should be there. Donna picked me up from the GO Station. On the drive to the community centre, Donna told me how the night would go. I still remember the comfort of the words “You can pass if you want to”. Yet, all the nervousness for nothing; everyone was so kind, and I was welcomed by everyone. I was also happy to learn, that my first draft of “Out with PFLAG” was fairly accurate. Jayme Harper was the moderator at that meeting, he’s since become President of PFLAG Canada – and someone I greatly admire. We’ve become pretty good friends since then. I can always turn to him for advice, as I did many times when revising this script. I wonder how he’ll feel to know that Paul Bellini should happen to be cast in a role inspired by him?

This episode is dedicated PFLAG Canada, and for all the organizations like it around the globe. They didn’t ask me to make it. It just felt like the obvious course thing Nathan would want to do. I’m very proud of this one.

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cast, in order of appearance

Will Conlon as Nathan
Kate Conway as Rose
Darryl Dinn as Johnny
Paul Bellini as Gerry
Harpreet Sehmbi as Nowmee
Noor Mohammed as Anwar
Caitlynne Medrek as Claire
Jennifer Kenneally as Marion
Kanza Feris as Athena
Aidan Gowland as Morgan

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Produced by:
Kara Dymond
Eric Taylor

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver