We want to hear from you.

In an early episode of season two, personal LGBTQ stories will be told.  Some of these stories will be sad, some will be funny and hopefully, some will be inspiring.

I’d like these stories to be real experiences from LGBTQ people, families and friends.  I’d like to ask YOU, the audience, to submit your stories.

It can be about anything.  Such as: how you found out you or a family member is gay, an encounter with homophobia such as bullying or discrimination, some help you’ve found from an unlikely source, your coming out story, your child’s coming out story, why you came out, why you can’t come out.

Ideally your story should be between 200-400 words, try to keep it under 500.  If selected, your story will be portrayed by an actor who’s character is sharing his or her story to a small audience.

||How to submit:|SmallType|||
Email your story to storysubmission@outwithdad.com.  Your identity will be kept confidential, unless you specifically state otherwise.  If you’d like, we’ll include your name in the end credits of the episode as a guest writer.  Submission deadline is March 11, 2011.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below, or by the above email address.

Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: Please don’t feel too constrained by the limit of 500 words.  No doubt some editing will occur after the fact.

NEW UPDATE: We’ve had some amazing responses. Your stories are all heartfelt, and we thank you for opening to us. Fortunately, time is in our favour and we can extend the deadline.  For now, we’ll keep it open – as the true deadline will depend upon our shooting schedule. Please keep them coming!