2.08 “Out with PFLAG, Part II”

It’s intermission at the PFLAG sharing meeting, Claire makes a point of getting to know little more. After intermission, the group reconvenes to hear more stories, including Maureen and David’s (based on submitted text). At last, we get to hear from Rose and Nathan, typical of a sharing meeting: there are tears.

Watch part one by clicking here.

Voted #1 in We Love Soap‘s Indie Soap of the Week poll, for the week of April 1-7, 2012! Also in this poll, Rose & Claire were voted couple of the week, and both Will Conlon & Kate Conway were voted #1 Actor and Actress. Thank you everyone who voted!

Named Drama of the Week by Indie Intertubes, in their 109th episode – co-hosted by Emma Caulfield.

For more information about PFLAG Canada, visit them online at pflagcanada.ca. For links to similar organizations around the world, please visit this page.

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Will Conlon shares his experiences and feelings about filming this episode.

Another note about PFLAG Canada

Last week I had the privilege of attending another PFLAG sharing meeting in Durham, I was accompanied by Will Conlon. We screened Part I and a rough cut of Part II. I was nervous showing my work to the real deal, not only the real group/organization, but the real Maureen was in the audience. I knew she we would be there, though when Will and I arrived we didn’t see her at first. We mingled a bit, caught up with Donna and Jayme. I didn’t see Maureen until after we pressed play. I was so nervous. Did I tell her story right? What about her son’s story? Had she heard his story before? I took several liberties with Maureen’s story when I was writing the screenplay, more than any of the others. Would she be okay with that? My hands were cold and clammy.

When I screen my work to an audience, I tend to sit at the front with my back to the screen, I watch the audience, after all, I’ve seen my work! I don’t need to see it again! It’s always interesting, nerve-racking and educational for me to watch the crowd. Do they react the way I intended? Do laugh at the right places? Smile? Cry? Overall, the audience responded the way I hoped. Jayme made me laugh every time Paul Bellini’s character spoke, as he have me a sarcastic glare, knowing full well that “Gerry” is based on him. The most nerve-wracking part of the evening was watching Maureen respond to hearing her own story, and her son’s.

After the screening, Jayme quoted “Why don’t we all take a break, and have some coffee or tea – some angle brought food cake!”… I’m not kidding! As everyone got up, I rushed over to Maureen to ask her my burning question “Did I do okay?” She gave me a big, wonderful hug. She assured me I did. I asked her again if the changes I made to it were okay, I believe her words were: “You told the story that needed telling”. Indeed.

Along with Part I, this episode is dedicated PFLAG Canada, and all the organizations like it around the globe. I’m very proud of this one.

Please, comment below. We really appreciate your feedback, and sharing your stories.

cast, in order of appearance

Kate Conway as Rose
Caitlynne Medrek as Claire
Will Conlon as Nathan
Paul Bellini as Gerry
Mary Joseph as Maureen
Kyle Stewart as David

Darryl Dinn as Johnny
Jennifer Kenneally as Marion
Aidan Gowland as Morgan

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Produced by:
Kara Dymond
Eric Taylor

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver



  1. I cried sooo much!! The stories were so moving, specially David’s! Thank you for making this web series! You’re awesome.

  2. hello, i love the series, im from puerto rico, im 20 years old and i think im gay since i was 10, but never really accepted it ’till i was 19. i had a boyfriend just cause everyone was pushing me to be with him but i tryed cause i was in denial and we broke up 5 month later and i explained to him why and came out to him, he is currently one of my 4 closest friends that i’ve come out to. my family doesn’t know cause they’re christian and its not the right moment to come out but each day that goes by it gets harder and harder to not be so obvious and i feel like im going crazy… this series is great, keep filming, cause it has helped me alot and i know its helped others to..

  3. hola me encanta esta serie me ha hecho reflexionar y pensar.soy de venezuela.eh sabido que soy gay desde los diez años. y nunca eh tenido la valentia de poder decirlo a mi familia .por muchos motivos religiosos.temor,miedo.no se que hacer.ya tengo 23 ahora y no se si algun dia me atreva a salir del closet.

    me gustaria que la pflag hicera una sede aqui en venezuela.para que no haya tanta ignorancia respecto a la homosexualidad.

    aveces siento que es mejor nunca decirlo.pero este nudo tan grande en mi aveces no lo aguanto y no encuentro mi paz. gracias sigan con la serie que me encanta se les quiere desde venezuela bye.

  4. I found this series a couple months ago and find it just amazing. I am not gay, but I find this series and it’s story just so powerful. Keep up the great work.

  5. I love this show. I’ve been watching and re-watching all the episodes since I found it. These past two episodes have been so powerful to me. I am gay, but only a few very close friends know. I am worried about what would happen if other people knew. I know that I wouldn’t be able to talk to my best friend anymore. I am so thankful and grateful to everyone involved with the show and that help make it possible. I has had such an impact on me over the past months. I love the line towards the end of the episode where Rose says “I just want things to go back to the way that they were.” Just the way that she says it, while crying and after everything that has happened. That line kills me every time. I love this show. I cannot wait til May for the new episode. Again, thank you so much for just coming up with the idea then giving life to this show. I’m not sure if anyone can know how incredibly grateful and thankful I am for this show.

  6. I’ve been keeping updated on this show ever since i found it and i really love all the episodes.
    I’m pretty certain im bi or even a full lesbian but i’ve been putting off thinking about it for years so i’ve only just accepted it now at 16. I’ve come out to a few friends but i dont think im ready for the whole `coming out to your family` thing yet…
    I’ve had it easy so far but things are getting a little tough at the moment as i made a deal with a friend of mine to come out to an old best friend i’ve had a crush on for years, and i didn’t really think it through at the time. I’m going to do it, but as i’m getting more and more nervous i keep dreaming about it and waking up in the middle of the night. I honestly don’t think i’ve had a full nights sleep in over a fortnight, and my parents are getting really worried.
    If anyone could reply with a tip as to how to approach the subject of me liking this girl with her i would be really grateful, because i’ve never told a girl i like her before and kinda freaking out at the idea.
    Thanks from the Isle of Wight, England

    • Hi Kat! Nice to read you :)
      Well, first of all keep it easy, it’s not really such as a big deal. If you want to tell that girl that you like it do it but only if you’re sure you want to do that and not because you made a deal or whatever. They’re your feelings and nothing matters except that.
      Second thing don’t get anxious as the moment approaches because it’s pointless and you don’t want your feet cold, do you?
      Third: Once you have made up your mind go for it relentlessly and I mean let the truth get out straight of the horse’s mouth without braking your tongue.
      Fourth: Even if she’s having feelings for you she’ll probably freak out but’s normal, just give her time and room.
      Ask for further advise 😉

      • Thanks for the tips, i really appreciate it 😀 I’ll try not to get too nervous.
        I think i just need to do it now, so i’ll try to find a time when i can talk to her in private, though it might take a week or two cause i don’t see her that much at the moment. I might post another message after i do it to say how it went.
        Wish me luck

        • It’s been my pleasure helping you ^^ Go for it tiger! And I wish you aaaaaall the luck in the world!
          If you prefer it email me at manhattan.maytay@gmail.com to tell me how it went :)
          gooooood luck !

  7. it was hard episode, it makes me cry somehow ;( You are the best! Greets Poland.

  8. when is the next chapter aired?

  9. I knew I was Lesbian the moment I laid my eyes on Rose. I am not out to anyone, so I have decided I was ready to come out to my fellow Out With Dad fans. Also to the Out With Dad creators, staff, crew, and cast members. Kate Conway, will you marry me? <3<3<3<3

  10. I’ve watched all the episodes and some of them several times and I want to say a BIG thank you for creating such as an amazing soap. You gave me hope of a better tomorrow to believe in. But it’s so important to me because I can recognize myself and my surroundings in every single character of the soap. Somehow I have gone through all the steps that Rose follows but also the self struggling of Vanessa. My parents are ignoramus and don’t know how to deal with me, keep on saying things like “that’s for pussys” and so on… but it’s pointless to say anything. My homosexuality exists and it’s there, but it’s not gonna be discussed or talk about it because at least for my mum I’m sheltering myself in chicks coz I can’t find a man that loves me.
    Sad, isn’t it?
    Sometimes I think how easy will be being straight, but I learnt something as the years went by (and I’m only 18): I’d rather be happy than normal. No one’ll be able to take away of me my way of living happy and that’s it.
    Hugs and cheers to all of you!

    Be kind, I’m not English 😉

  11. Lovely episode as usual! But, why almost a month to the text one. WHY, WHY!?

  12. Well I’m not gay or lesbian I’m me but sometimes I wonder wether I might actually be lesbian I often wonder how I can find out it I’m a lesbian or if I’m not lesbian how to know wether somebody like likes you. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and most of them very big ones but when it come down to family I don’t know how I live. I have been fighting with my mum ever since I was what 6 or 7 years old and it’s just gotworse over the years and worse part is I will apologise but coz she thinks it’s always my fault she will never apologise back she is a hipocric a most of my life I have spent being insulted by her and I can not wate till I’m 16-18 and I can move out and when I do I will never think of her again nobody wants to live there childhood like that and might think I’m over exagarayting but believe me I wish I had the corage to commit to runaway and I once did I got up the line at our house on my bike then I went down the line that I’m not aloud to go down but then I stopped and i thought I’m only what 9 how cani survive running away so I turned around and went back home and I thought things would get better but I was Wrong. Icould go on all day about my mumbut I dont want to waste your time so all I cansay is be true to yourself and don’t make the same mistake I did

  13. I’ve watched this show from the very beginning and I love it. The message it sends really can help people get through their days. I’ve dealt with being gay and coming out to my family already. My mom was really supportive right off which was wonderful. My brother, on the other hand, had a more difficult time accepting it. I came out when I was in high school and for the most part I was readily accepted by my peers. I was attending a school for the arts at the time so most of the kids I went to school with had no problem accepting me for who I was. The issue that I come across today has more to do with myself. With trying to figure out who I really am. I’ve always identified as a lesbian because the thought of being with a man repulsed me. The problem is that I’m not exactly sure if this is the case because I am fully gay or if it is because I was horribly abused by a man when I was young. It is something that plagues me and not because I’m uncomfortable with the fact that I like girls but because I feel like now I am too scared to try and figure it out because I have a hard time being close to men. I am always scared that they will hurt me. It bothers me that I was robbed of my ability to truly know because I am too fearful and my PTSD symptoms are too overwhelming to even consider trying to find out if I could potentially like men as well. I shared this because I can’t talk to anybody else about it and it just feels good to get it out. I don’t know where else to turn.

  14. Hi, everyone! First, I want to congrats you all for the initiative, special because you chose to deal with a Lesbian cause. Almost every now and then, people start to “educate” and “videotape” only man issues. So, this serie really brought me to a new life reason.
    Since I was 4 years old, I knew that as “kind different”. Every game I used to play I. wished I could be the boy, the police man, the father. And I noticed some crush on some feminine little girl all those early years. But my family is highly religious: Catholics, christian and some Kardec’s. As you can see, I grew up in a dangerous ground.
    As the years went by, and all my need to hide and fear of being caught, just made me feel completely disgusted with myself and all that I had ever done, thought. On my sweet 16, I began to date a guy from my class. I thought that it would the proof that I was not gay and I could prove it to me and to my family. I remember several nights that I cried and asked for God’s cure. I hated myself and everything that I were. I used to cut myself, so I knew that I was still alive and maybe, there were some other pain that I could feel and control.
    I finally aloud myself to feel free and happy when I was 19 when kissed a girl for the first time. It was all so confusing and “wrong”. Only when I was 22 I came out to my family….months of despair went by. Depression came and took me away. Now, I’m almost 24 and still take medicines, therapy and try everyday not to hate me.
    My family now, supports me. And try to keep me up, so I can not commit suicide.
    I wanna feel pretty, normal.
    Thank you, as some said, this is an inspirational show.

    • Stop struggling with yourself, you’re wonderful the way you are. Religion mustn’t ‘touch’ you because (at least now) is not a problem to deal with anymore… You’re the way you are and your family are so, but you’ve got inside the courage enough to live your life the way you want and not have to feel guilty or ‘wrong’ because of that.
      Love yourself and try not to fight your feelings because it’s a huge and useless effort that is actually making you unhappy, once you love yourself everything will get better.
      Be happy!

  15. Hi my name is janelle and I just want to say I still haven’t came out. The only peo

  16. i LOVE this series so much! I just wanted to say this to everyone: if you are religous, don’t feel like you have to choose between your religon and being gay. I felt like that for a long time, but then one day I realized that I could be both gay and Christian. It is hard, probably harder for other religons, but I promise you that it’ll work out. If your religon is worth your time, the god that you believe in will love you no matter who you are. Thank you so much for this series!!!!!!!!
    P.S. this is a good show to show to people who don’t understand being gay. It gives them a deeper understanding.

  17. Hi again I wanna tell you something new happened to me two days ago.
    As I said before I’m from saudi arabia so being lesbian or gay is the most forbidden thing here specially if you are muslim.
    So as a muslim lesbian I can’t open up even to my closest friends coz every lesbian girl live in her closet wishing that nobody knows about her.
    Just to know ( even date a man is forbidden )
    So we can not date or fall in love or any thing of that.
    Every girl has to marry man that her parents choose for her. No love !
    Any way yesterday I was in my college
    And I have a friend that I have I crush on her
    But sure she doesn’t know about it.
    And we was talking about movies and shows
    So she asked my about my favorite show and asked not to lie about it even if it is an impressing show to like ;p
    I told her that I love ( The L word )
    She surprised and told me that she knows it from some friend but didn’t thin of watching it.
    I didn’t say anything after that she asked me why do you like it ?
    I said I don’t know just love the good relationships with the girls group
    ( Here is the surprise )
    She said : can I watch it with u ?
    I said whhhhhhhhhat ? They are lesbian if you don’t know !
    And her answer was yaa I know and I’m cool about it.
    We can’t date men so girls is the safest thing to do and know one has to know.
    I felt comfortable to tell her that I’m a lesbian but I didn’t say it.
    To be honest I felt so happy that she is cool about it.
    And I wish someday she will be my GF
    Wish me luck.
    I loved to share my story with you guys
    Coz I know that no one will understand how I feel now except you.
    Love you all for making me that comfortable
    To open up to you.

    • I can’t even imagine so hard it must be for you and for all people on your situation.
      So of course i wish you all the luck in the world!!!! And i wish you to be happy, above all with anyone you want.

      Huge hug from spain.

    • I am so happy for you. Hope everything works out!

  18. Hi everyone – I just read most of the comments and stories that you posted here. WOW. The story of David – makes me think of an episode of Boston Public, where one of the male teachers befriends a rather obviously gay student who is sort of outcast by fellow students and teased etc. It also reminds me of an episode of Queer As Folk too — so that was wonderfully done.
    I am now almost 32 and i remembered how i felt during high school – i decided not to come out till after high school – and made sure that i avoided flirting with anyone too much. In retrospect it is probably harder to avoid feelings and having a social life than having one and being honest about it – repressed feelings and shame, embarrassment and wonder ( over parents reaction and classmates reactions at least in my case)

    My website was created ( sorry if link is stale), in the hopes of creating a GLBT safehouse on Canada’s West coast.

    • Melanie,
      It looks to me as though Ace’s Place is an important project. I’m so glad to know that such a safe place exists out west.

      To everyone else, just wanted to make sure Melanie’s link is noticeable: http://acesplace.org

  19. Hi, my name is becas, I’m 21 years old and i’m from portugal.
    I found “out with dad” a few months ago and I love it. I identify with rose’s character a lot. I keep expecting more everytime I see an episode because you make it so real and I can’t stop watching it. And these two episode were amazing, these stories helped me have a little faith somehow. I accepted i’m gay almost a year now but in a way I guess I always knew because since I was 15 that I’ve thought about it. but accepting is realizing what we hear from these stories you’ve showed us. Life isn’t gonna be easy, ever. You’re always gonna find yourself being judge. When I told my friends, my best friend she freaked out, she stop talking to me for a while and I think she still doesn’t understand it today. And I can’t talk about it with her or with anyone as if that part of my life isn’t important, as if what I told isn’t worth people’s attention, it seems they forgot about it. and I keep struggling with it alone, everyday. Accepting it, finding myself. I just wanna say thank you because “out with dad” helps me get through it and be stronger for myself and believing that one day I will find that special girl who’s gonna tell me that it’s ok being who I am. Seriously thank you so much, everytime I watch an episode I feel better. I feel that I’m not alone.
    Keep up with your amazing work :)

    Bye, Becas

  20. Hi everybody!
    First of all, sorry about my English, is not my native language so be kind =)

    I just read all the comments about this episode and all the stories you all shared and it is awesome to see people finding comfort and having each others backs, even if we
    don´t know each other, that proves that no matter where we are – Arabia Saudi, Mexico, Canada, U.S. or Venezuela (where I am) we are part of a lovely and supportive comunity.

    In that order I wanna share a little bit of my experience, especially for those who are afraid of coming out because they don´t wanna lose their family or friends, it is not my intention to rush you out of the closet, that you will do in it´s own time =)

    About six or seven years ago (sorry, my memory sucks hehe) I was dating a girl, my first girlfriend, I was sooo in love that it was pretty obvius to my friends that something was up with me -all happy and shinny all the time- so they asked and asked and asked who I was dating until I broke and told them I was dating a girl.

    I was nervous ´cause I didn´t know how they will react but I was so sure of who I was and so happy with myself that I felt so strong that if they were going to reject me or be mad at me, I would be strong enough to stand for myself so I wasn´t afraid and I realize I was ready for whatever they or anybody else would say.
    I didn´t wanna worry about other people feeling comfortable at the expenses of me not being able to be who I am.

    But all the nerves went away and my walls -ready to protect me- came down once they all started to laugh and say “Ah! I knew it!” or “Finally you told us!” or “When can we meet her? We have to see if she´s right for you!”

    Years have passed now, that girl and I broke up, other girls have come and go hehe but I still have my friends, my sexuality has never been an issue with them and I cannot tell you how proud I am of call them my friends.

    Wow, this became a terribly long comment! Sorry about that, I just wanted to tell you that even if you are scared it is worth to take the risk and walk out of the closet, yeah it´s not easy, it may not always end well but being able to be yourself, to feel free and be comfortable with who you are is worth every risk.

    There is no rush though! If the closet feels like the safest place right now, don´t worry, we´ll be waiting for you outside!!


  21. hi!! i love this show and i think that you’re all doing a great job! but hearing all this makes me feel guilty because the worse thing anyone ever did was insult me and that anyone was my steph-sister who is a dyke herself.
    i never had trouble with telling my parents or friends because when i was 5 my mom always said “you’ll never find a boyfriend or a girlfriend if you keep acting like that” when i was anoying her.

  22. Hi, my name is Paige and Im 18 years old. I just want to thank you for this show, it helps so many people. When i was younger i knew i was different, i found women attractive but i had had boyfriends.
    When i was in 7th grade i started fooling around with my bestrlfriend, she was confused and i already knew that i wasnt straight. By the time we got into highschool we had become enemies. She outed me to everyone. At that time i was still dating guys, i decided to tell my mom that i was bi when i was 14, she said it was just a phaze.. she was right being bi was my way of trying to still be normal. I never told anyone after that until i was 17 i came out to a few friends and that was all. This year I came fully out of the closet. I wasted a few years lying to myself but im happy that i came out. Some of my family wont speak to me now. Though they have to learn to except it because its who i am. My amazing girlfriend told me about this series and she was right, it is amazing ♥ thank you!!!

  23. So many people tell stories of there life and I think it’s amazing that we can all share. Mine I fall for one of my best friends too, but the twist is my other best friend of about 9 years seems totally against me being lesbian or bi witch ever I haven’t really labelled it cause Im not sure on were I fit. She pretty much ignores me if I talk about it or things that relate to it. I had my first ever relationship this past year or so with a girl that made me happy. We broke up about a month ago, tho we are still friends I miss being able have her hold me or to be able to hold her.

    The story David (sorry if incorrect) said I know first hand without the abuse. I have a small cutting issue and I have thought of suicide. To hear it shocked me but comfort me to know Im not alone.Thanks for reading!! Keep making videos and I’ll promise to keep watching them.

    • Mish.

      I don´t know you and you don´t know me but please don´t kill yourself, even if I don´t know you I know for sure that if, for some reason you´re not in this world anymore, you will be missed plus us -gay, bi, lesb, trans, confused, unlabelled people- will be changing the world pretty soon now, so we need you to stick around and see (and help) that happen =D

      (Sorry for my English, is not my native language)

      • Well thank you for caring even though I don’t know who you are. I have only thoughts, I’ve never thought to use/follow them. I plan to help all of us along the way too, NO ONE deserves to be bullied, beat up, kicked out, frowned upon, yelled at, teased, etc Love shouldn’t have to be gender biased. Because Love is Love not matter what!

      • Oh Pha your English isn’t bad I could understand what you wrote just fine.

  24. ive came out to my parents almost a year ago, but my other keeps saying she wants grand kids and my father just dont know what to do with me being gay (im a girl) ive been sexualy a sulted by men for two years, and it seems even girls have hurt me as well, but thes videos help me get back on my feet again to be proud of who i am…thank u

    • Love does not know genders nor does hate or hurt. Women will hurt you as men will do and all of them are also capable to love you. It is not the gender the hurt comes from but the individual person.
      Do not give up. You are not alone. Stand your ground. You have all reasons to be proud of yourself.


    • Just hang in there. Resistance is also winning. And your mother, well, you can give her grand kids if you want to, eventually. You don’t have to choose between that and your nature. Just hang in there.

  25. It seems falling in love with your best friend is not so unusual actually. Of course, it may turn out to not be a good experience if it turns out that your best friend is straight. Witch often can be the case. I too fell in love with my best friend. In childre school when I was about 9 years old I think. We never really talked about sexuallity or anything, but it at least felt like he felt the same way about me. At least in the way he kissed me, it really felt like he was in love with me too. To be honest, we never did offically be a couple and we never talked about what it was… then for some time ago I took contact with him… sending him a couple of text messages. Trying to figure out what it was… if he felt something too. Or of it just was me. Unfortunatly, I may have formulated myself a bit clumbsy beacause he seemed to get offended. I just wanted to know what that thing beetween us was. Maybe I should have taken it a bit slower… I just don’t get that it seems like he doesn’t even remember when we were kind of fooling around for about 3 years or something. Officially we where just best friends… noone else actually knew that we where making out when we where alone.

  26. I have came out too before, it did not end well. Due to the fact I came out to a friend that I liked. I was out to some selected people. I was only quietly out for about a year until the I was “pushed back in the closet and the door was slammed in my face”. Someone had figured me out and slipped the information to my household. Except some details were left incorrect. I tried to reason with my mother and tell her the truth but she just ignored me. Not wanting to hear what I had to say. Mostly for the reason that everyone who knows me says how sweet a girl I am. I thought I knew my identy but if I am not accepted in my own world how can I BE myself. If my family is the only ones I trust now, how can I live with them knowing they will not love me the same. I think my mother is already questioning my every move when I am around people. I know things can get much worse than what they are right now.

    I know some people may think I am a coward for “staying in the closet” but I am just trying to figure it out myself. I really do appreciate what Out with Dad cast and crew does. It helps people like me and many others. Even reminds us there are others who go through the same things, that we are not alone in this world.

    • In my opinion being yourself is not based on who loves you or who does not. You are who you are and your sexual orientation will not change anything. One day your parents will understand this also. No matter what you do you will always be their child.
      You are not a coward. The right time will come to get out of the closet. Do not force yourself. You will realize the moment when it comes.
      It may not be easy and life may change but being true to yourself is what matters in the end.
      I wish you all the best and hope it will get easier for you.

  27. Heya thank you so much for the out with dad story lines, they really help. Especially since I can’t talk to anyone about who I really am! My parents aren’t religious or anything they’re just against it I guess, so I have to keep finding cute boys to bring home and date…. it’s so exhausting. I’m 18 I want to be able too go out and have fun, not be someone I’m not however I love my family and don’t want to lose them so for now, Out With Dad’s all I have for comfort.

  28. I am from Kenya and gay, and these stories are beautiful. All I hope is that one day Kenya and other countries like it will be open enough to allow for an organization like PFLAG to exist. At present in Kenya and in many other east African countries being gay is punishable by life imprisonment or death. I am one of the lucky ones, my family is open minded enough to try and accept it. Living openly here is not easy (it is slowly getting better) and quite a scary thing, and in many cases frighting, I am lucky that I have found people that are ok with it, but even then I need to be extra careful and cant be too open about my sexuality or it might get out to places and people that can cause me or others serious harm.
    The work you do is amazing, The fact that these episodes are available anywhere allows anyone from anywhere to watch and find some hope for a better future.

    Thank you for giving us all hope.

  29. Hi, A huge fan and follower of out with dad here, right straight from Mexico ( number 3 according to your chart je je ) and I have to say, Oh my God!!… I so understand Rose… I so understand the others… comming out is not easy… or at least not in my case… I have come out to my brother and friends who are very supportive of me… but I cannot come out completely… I work as a teacher in a catholic school.. if they find out about me… God I dont want to imagine what would happen!! I am scared too.. and I had a similar situation with Rose… I fell in love with my best friend… and now, nothing can go back to normal :/ … and we have torn apart, and it hurts… and I missed her as my friend, and I love her… so all I can say now is Damned!!
    But any way I accept who I am, amd I try to be strong! and your serie gives us ( or at least me….) Hope!! to know I am not alone! cus is so damned hard!! so all I have to say is thank you! cus hope is stronger than fear!! and one day it has to come the day when we all be treated like equals… and this program is one of the many steps that it has to be done in order to achieve that…

    Oh! and I almost forgot, I still having a huge crush on Rose ( kate ji ji) I really think she’s gorgeus je je so, lots of love to her and a huge hug from mexican lands!! and to all of you!! thank you again! n__n

    • Wow. Sorry to hear about your friend situation. I am glad mine was accepting of me when I came out to her. I was beyond relieved when she said she didn’t care I was into both guys and girls. Though I don’t like her like THAT; she’s pretty much my sister to me and that’s what it’d be like for me if I liked her like that, so…lol. Hope things work out for you and your friend! :) And yeah, this series Out With Dad has helped me SOO much! It’s really gotten me to accept that I am Bi and how I can soon come out if I am ready.

      Though I am flat out TERRIFIED of coming out to my parents. My dad mainly though. He’s the “Angry and will out burst and start screaming in his Anger” type of guy. He won’t hesitate to flat out lay down his opinion and his anger at us. It’s made me terrified of him and how he’ll react to me coming out as Bi. He’s the the Dad who WILL kick me out if he believes I’ve gone too far. And won’t give a damn what my mom says since he’s ignored her in the past in his choices with the house and whatever else. So…I’m terrified.

      But hope things get better for you! :)

    • Heya, I know what you mean it is scary coming out, but your circumstance sounds awful and your really brave for handling it. If you ever need to chat feel free to email me on… santanna17@hotmail.co.uk

  30. I think the last two episodes are part of a plot to dehydrate your fans. But thank you anyway for another wonderful episode!

  31. Wow. These stories make my situation look like nothing! Poor guy who was just terrorized by both his classmates and family! Even getting put in the HOSPITALfor just being gay! So sad that people out there really do treat gays like this. :(

    I shouldn’t be afraid to come out to my parents. But I know they wouldn’t accept me for being bisexual. They’ve dedicated their entire lives to serving God. And if I were to come out, they’d refuse to accept it. They shun anything God hates and I know my dad would kick me out. He’s already threatened to when I went through my teen rebellion stage; kick me out and to even sign away his parental rights even if I found a new home. And that was when I was just reading novels and books and watching movies he didn’t like! Let alone coming out….not so good. I just can’t.

    But at least my best friend accepts me. When I came out to her, I was sooo relieved she just accepted it like it was no big deal. How she said she didn’t care if I was into girls and that we were best friends no matter what gender I was into. She even offered to set me up with a girl before and has even helped me with a girl I like by saying all these good things about me! I’m so grateful I have her in my life. She may be the only person who I’ve come out to, but feels good at least someone knows, you know?

    • Oh, and is there some way for me to submit my story or someone else’s to you guys? Is there a email I can send it to? Just wondering.

      • Thank you for sharing, Olga.
        I believe that we will film another PFLAG episode for our third season. It was never a plan to do so, but so many people have responded so well. Even PFLAG Canada themselves say we should!
        I’ll post a call for story submissions in the future, I’m sure. Please keep your eyes open for it!

  32. Amazing episode, I couldn’t say how much emotion your PFLAG episodes have in them, they touch me and I’m one who tends not to be sensitive, but I couldn’t help becoming emotional and by emotional I mean a full range on emotions were swirling around in my head. Your Out With Dad series brings me back to reality oddly enough since I’m not totally “out,” but they bring comfort to me and reassure me in who I am. Now I don’t mean to be greedy, but I WANT MORE Out With Dad episodes so I would like to know when the next episode will be released and if you could possibly give me a clue if Vanessa will be in the next episode oooo maybe even Vanessa and Rose together in the next episode, anyways keep up the fantastic work!!!!

    • Excuse my last comment I just realized the next episode’s debut was mentioned under the video. I guess I got to excited and didn’t look properly for mentioned date.

      • Don’t worry about it!
        I’m just so happy we’ve been able to offer comfort. You’re not alone.

  33. Hi all . I’m a 23 years old lesbian girl , I live in saudi arabia , so can you imagine living in a muslim community with a different sexual interests ! Really I’m struggling to hide who I am coz I can’t even think of coming out to any1 , so I wanna thank you so much for this show it makes me feel like I’m not alone and maybe someday things will change in my community pray for me ,

    • I can not imagine how difficult it must be to live in your community.
      It might bring you some comfort to know you’re not alone in your country. According to our viewing statistics, Saudi Arabia is one the top countries watching Out With Dad.

      The top views by location:

      1. United States
      2. Turkey
      3. Mexico
      4. Brazil
      5. Germany
      6. France
      7. United Kingdom
      8. Canada
      9. Saudi Arabia
      10. Italy

      #9! See, you’re not alone!

  34. Thank you for your show. I was very lucky although I was born in Africa I live in the States. My parents who are African were great. My mother was amazing when I came out she had to wait for me to come out to her. I find it difficult and inspiring hearing the stories of the things that happen to others during this time especially like my wife who is an American. I consider myself so lucky to have such a wonderful family. I hope that others all over the world struggling with this process have the chance to see your program. Although I was lucky I continue to see and meet many who are/were not. Thank you again for a wonderful show.

  35. So many things mentioned in the two episodes sound so very familiar. The bad and the good ones. The road to find your own identity is a hard one and one that takes time. What makes it hard for “us” is that others define what is meant to be the norm. What is meant to be the way everyone has to live just because they think it is how society has to be.
    Organizations like PFLAG are very helpful and work hard to show that “we” are normal. That “we” are humans like all others and not the freaks some people try to make us be. Thank you.

    I am in love with another woman and I am proud of it.

    • I found them to be very helpful when I lived in a place where I was very isolated. They provided a family that I did not have during this time. Good for you.

  36. Wow, Jason, and OWD cast and crew, you all did a phenomenal job once again telling very real stories and portraying them exceptionally well. David’s story was the one that got me crying this time…How awesome of an experience to be able to truly seen and honored at such a vulnerable time in life! That was one very strong amazing young man that danced with David. What a great ally. We all need allies like that in our lives.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work!


  37. Jason,
    You have done it again and i think I hate you a bit for it. Only because you’ve made cry. I think that I want to go to a PFLAG meeting in my area with my mother because of this episode.

    Thank you for producing this show. It’s such an inspirational show.

  38. Thank you Jason and all the staff for another amazing episode. I am very moved by it and I thank you with all my heart. Love Paola

  39. Another fantastic & emotional episode. It is heartbreaking to know that there are un-tolerant people in this world that they would do actual physical harm to someone because of who they love. Thank you OWD for telling the story’s of these amazing people. Love is Love & should be celebrated x

  40. Jason, I said this on facebook already, but I am going to say it again here. Thank you, my mom right, you told the story that needed telling! It was wonderful!

  41. I don’t no if I’m gay or have a crush so programme really helps but I live in England so the eps come out (excuse the pun ) really late . Some advise would be nice.

    • Sara, just know that no matter what there’s always someone who loves you. Allow yourself the time to learn who you are, you don’t need to rush it. Surround yourself with awesome people who inspire and motivate you.

      • Thank you



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