2.06 “Working it Out”

In our mid-season finale, Nathan tries what he can to apologize to Rose. Unable to forgive, Rose is still overwhelmed with the possibility of life without Vanessa.

Before watching this episode, read the lost episode “Out After Dark”, a web-comic adaptation of the minisode that would have preceded this episode.

Enjoy Dan Beausoleil’s song Apology? Read about it below.

   Les visiteurs en provenance de France peut regarder sur Studio 4.0.

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cast, in order of appearance:
Will Conlon as Nathan
Kate Conway as Rose
Corey Lof as Kenny
Lizzie Stuart-Morris as Juliet
Adrian Rebucas as Romeo
Gene Abella as the Teacher
Lindsey Middleton as VanessaDan Beausoleil as Ethan
Ashton Catherwood as Dave (reprising his role from Microwave Porn!)
Darryl Dinn as Johnny
Laura Jabalee as Alicia
with classmates Shailene Garnett, Allan Zacca and Carol Huska

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Produced by:
Kara Dymond
Eric Taylor

Written by:
Jason Leaver
with Will Conlon

Created, Produced and Directed by:
Jason Leaver

||Daniel Beausoleil|Heading|||
Multi-talented Dan is no stranger to Out With Dad. He’s a regular re-occurring actor. He was first seen playing the guitar at the party the gang attended in season one – and he also provided the music to that scene. His latest album can be heard on his Sound Cloud page here, including this song that I felt was really appropriate for this episode.



  1. WE WANT MORE 😀 damn im sooo want to see next episode… I LOVE IT! I cant wait for next year :3

  2. Just loving the series. Can’t wait the second season’s 7th episode to come. C’mon, rush with it!!!
    I found the series by mere chance in the youtube. Began to watch… watch… and got furiously frustated for it not being all available in the net yet.
    Actually, I’m not gay. When I was 16 I began to think I was after a dream and, though never having had any homophoby since I was a kid, I began to feel preocupated.

    So I decided to test myself.

    After the swimming class, all the guys of my school went to the bathroom for bathing.
    There were cabinets with showers, separated from the neighboors by marble walls. But the front was wide open. You could see the cabinet in front of yours 3 meters distant. So, one day, I began to look at the guy naked on the the other side, taking his bath caressly. I began to imagine myself sucking his hard penis. The imediate reaction I felt, specially in the stomach, was a strong nausia. “Common”, I said to myself, “you’re with prejudice! Think honestly you’re liking it. Imagine”. I looked, and tried again. The same happened. So, when I looked for the third time, now imagening him penatrating me, I immediately stopped the test. I had the results, definetely, no doubts: I was no-gay-at-all. After that, I had many relations of friendship with girls and boys homo, and everything always went just fine.

    Recently, I finished a relationship of 4 years. And our biggest sexual ambition, unfortunetely, wasn’t reached: a menage à troi. With another girl (ONLY with a girl). She should be in the mood to make love with her, and me, and us both, alternately. I always declared in front of others (not feeling ashamed for liking just women) to be an ortodox heterossexual. And she, my ex-girlfriend, with a loving smile in her face, declarared, with a lovely simplicity, that she was heterossexual too – but NOT ortodox. In these moments, I always began to daydream… how marvelous it would be… seeing her kissing a girl, and then me kissing this
    girl, me kissing my girlfriend, us three kissing simutaneously, and making love… Well, maybe one day, I’ll have this present from heaven.

    The series defends explicitly a point of view, raises a flag, but without being propaganda, without being boring. This is hard to achieve. It deals with sensivity with the conflits of two girls in their teenages, and their parents also, who find out they love each other, and have fight against a tabu of thousands of years that still lingers in our modern society, whitch reveals itself to be a hard task for both to face it for themselves (and much more for Vanessa). It’s quite a piece of art indeed. Congratulations for you, Jason, and the cast, specially for Kate and Lindsey. They are just superb actresses.

    A great hug from a straight from Brasil (and for god’s sake finish the series!).

  3. Hey I’m from Miami, 35 and still having a ruff time because I’m bisexual and everytime i’m dating someone that person always worry about me looking at the opposite sex ??? its hard … but no one ever said this would be easy so I in it 110% :) I rather B real about who I am then for u to realize that I’m a lier ……….. good luck everyone n god bless, I can’t wait til season 3

    • Rina,
      I’m sorry to hear you’re having such a rough time. It sucks that there’s so much biphobia! Why do people care so much!?
      You might find it comforting to know that I intend to directly tackle the issue of biphobia in season three (or four?).

  4. Hi I´m from germany and I really love OWD!!
    This series also kinda helps me in my situation I’m in right now. So I’m looking forward for the next episode! ^^

  5. Hi,

    Rather late comer to OWD (and the few other web series I’ve caught) and I’ve never commented before.

    But Kate Conway’s delivery of the line ‘I’m devestated’ bought a tear to my eye! Which is not easy! And I really needed to say how touched I was by the dialogue and performance.

    Fantastic job from all the actors (dad being my fav!) and directors/producers/everyone else associated with the making of the series. Can’t wait until next year.

  6. Estou clicando no CC, mas nao esta aparecendo a LEGENDA em portugues.

    agradeceria se vcs consertassem


  7. Subtitle in Portuguese pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    Subtitulos em portugues por favor..

    amo esta serie

    I love this serie

  8. I really enjoy how the series is soo realistic. Why can’t there be a show like this on tv. I can definitely compare to Rose since I was in love with my best friend since kinder and never got to tell her and we lost contact. I reconnected with her later in life and as it turned out she is gay and always has been, so I made my move 😉 Rose should be soo appreciative of her soo understanding father. If I only had a family so understanding. But the show is awesome, Can’t wait for the new episodes!!

  9. Subtitles in portuguese, pleeeeease!


  11. Oiiiii.

    qdo sai o subtitulo em Portugues??
    orbigada pela resposta

  12. No french caption? why =O?

  13. sim, não vão disponibilizar a legenda pra esse episodio em português não? >.<

  14. sim, não vão disponibilizar a legenda em português não? >.<

  15. ou i will miss you so much! till 2012 is so much time! i understand the reasons though and if i just had a way to contribute with you, you can bet i’d do it but since here in venezuela we dont manage dollars (well, not like we’d like to do) i wont be able to do so. Anyways, i loved this mid-season, love the work youre doing, youre all great!
    regards from Vzla

  16. So we have to wait for new episodes in 2012?!? But that’s so far away

  17. oh noes…last ep this year. At least Rose and dad back on good terms now, ice cream is a great bribe haha.
    It looks like Alicia has sussed it out about Rose and Vanessa and she is now reassured that Rose is not into Kenny.
    The final scene was masterfully done. Even if dad thought they could pull off the “accidental” meeting Johnny would know it wouldn’t fly. No wonder his acting sucked haha. Rose knew it too, but glad she went along with it.
    Now we all have to wait forever to see how the PFlag meeting goes :(

    Great series dealing with gut wrenching issues with flair and dignity. Thanks to you all.

  18. espero que pase pronto el tiempo, esta serie es muy buena, lo hacen con respeto y dedicacion…es admirable…gracias

  19. porfavor pongan los subtitulos en español, no entiendo nada de ingles…
    esta super la serie


  21. Wow! I just love this show. I’m 13 years old and this has just completely turned my life around. I am in a situation similar to that of Vanessa, and I nearly killed myself last year, but this show gave me the courage to come out to my parents (who promptly kicked me out). I’m now living at my girlfriend’s house because her family so kindly took me in. Thanks OWD, you’ve changed my life.

  22. Can we have french subtitles please :)

  23. why did you not show on tv?
    Out with dad is GREAT.

    come there moore?
    Greetz From Belguim

  24. soy de venezuela y me encanta la serie… sentidas actuaciones, excelentes las decoraciones de la casas, las escenas en la escuela y los exteriores, se nota que la hacen con mucha mistica… espero puedan continuarla, porque es una valiosa ayuda para los adolescentes que emprenden su salida del closet y un excelente aporte a los padres…

    (como ven tienen un increible publico latino!… ojo con eso!!! :)


  26. E a legenda?

  27. Pero quiero el capitulo en español !!!!! Por favor. yo soy chilena y no entiendo nada , ! Necesito la traduccion ! ….
    Amo la serie Y la veo junto ami novio y mas amigas , todos no la entendemos . ¿pueden colocarla en español ? … por favor los quiero !

  28. Hallo Gepard,
    Kopf hoch, die Folgen werden alle nach und nach mit Untertiteln versehen. Ein klein wenig Geduld…

  29. As learned from my grandma, I’ll start with something positive: this was – again- awesome! The characters, the story, the actors, simply breathtaking. But, here it comes: LAST EPISODE FOR THIS YEAR!! You have got to be kidding. Since now I thought two weeks were hard to wait but now more than three months? How are we suposed to handle this? Any substitutes you could recommend? What am I thinking? How could such unique piece of art be substituted. You leave me totaly devastated…

  30. I come from germany and can’t speak english very well so i hope you will make subtitels in german or english
    the little bit i understood is very intresting so i want to understand more

  31. A great episode as always! But… I’m not looking forward to watching Vanessa dating a GUY :( So I hope there will be a twist. Ryan could be gay and he could help Vanessa come out or something :)

  32. love this web series! unkabogable talaga!

    Two thumbs up for you guys!

    greetings from the Philippines

  33. love this web series! unkabogable talaga!

    Two thumbs up for you guys!

    greetings from the Philippines

  34. I love the way Rose’s Dad even though he dosen’t know exactly how to deal with the situation, is there for her no matter what. That’s more than you can expect when coming out to your parents. I wish i had that during my comnig out process. Rose is ver lucky!

    • He is / but what Dustin kill u Mack’s u strongr /my mom fond out
      By a Powums my girl friend gave me she cunfrunted me and told
      Me that I cude never see her a gen but your love wus to strong
      And we fond was to be together .!!!!!!!!!!! Even throw my girl friend
      Is way to good for me and I will regret the day she reliz it but for now
      I’m spending as much time with hr as positbll and macking evry Monet
      Cont . Love. Caitlin

      • Well cristal u shad looc we up on MySpace .com
        I’m undr CaitlinThielman@ yahoo.com

  35. oh, i can’t believe that i have to wait months to see what is going to happen!

    by the way, you have a fan from Brasil!
    love the show!!

  36. Congratulations cast and crew – another wonderful season! Heartfelt, brave and funny. Love to all from Subway Girl

  37. again my englihs is a little poor but the dad is a dump for the way he try to go a meating in the comunity center so ovious but a wish my mom do the same.
    we have the first comunity center for glbt in latinoamerica but a have to go alone is good to exist parents who want suport us.

    i from Colombia, i love this serie

  38. hi, i’m from brazil! loved this episode! love this webserie!! the best of all

  39. OMG……. i want to see more…could not believe that is how it ended…..can’t wait for the new season…. i hope that venessa’s mom can accept what is happening and that rose and vanessa can be together!!

    i love this series…….. johnny is so bad at acting….. lol :-)…..

    can’t wait to see how it all goes down

    greetings from Trinidad and Tobago

  40. ehiii!! no estan los subtitulos!!!!

    • Cierto que paso con los subtitulos en español.

  41. that episode was really cute. loving this series so far. nathan is great. and that last scene was hilarious.

  42. Really, really good and I’m so going to miss this! I like @Carolm007’s idea of Rose’s public coming out with another girl and Vanessa being stuck with the charity case. That’d be really, really good! Also it’d be a good way for Vanessa to really know how she feels and stop denying it and annoying us all! =P

    I don’t know if I can wait for this…I might have to write some fanfic or something to keep me content ’till next year! =P Can’t wait for you guys to come back. And thanks for posting it so early Canadian time, as we’re a good few hours ahead here in Ireland I thought I’d have to wait ’till the evening.


  43. Loved everything about this episode…so many possibilities! Rose needs to take another girl to the Semi-Formal Dance (her public coming out)and make Vanessa green with jealousy.Wake her up! Especially if Vanessa goes with ‘charity case’ Ryan Brown, who everyone make fun of (feel kind of sorry for him already..not!) Anyway should be fun.
    Had to laugh at Nathan’s attempt to have Johnny ‘bump’ into him and Rose…’It’s no wonder you’re an out of work actor,you suck at this’…ha!
    Lastly,Alicia’s no fool, she knows Rose has the hots for Vanessa, just wanted to confirm it w/Vanessa. Smart girl.

  44. It’s over? Just like that? Oh no!! I wish it wasn’t over just yet!! Oh well. Can’t wait to see what comes next. I really hope Vanessa and Rose work things out.

  45. OMG i want cry really, it’s too sad knowing it is the last episode of the year, this is an amazing webserie, i love so much, but anyways, thanks for this incredible project and for all your time. I liked this episode, but i miss Vanessa and Rose just talking together and obviously i dont like what Vanessa said to Alicia, poor Rose will be more devastate :(

    Thanks to all, and will see you soon

    Grettings from Mexico

    • Hey chica mexicana!!! pienso que deberiamos de hacer huelga!! y paros y plantones y marchas hasta que vuelvan a poner out with dad, que te parece ehh?? mendigos, siempre te dejan queriendo mas u__u

      • Yeahhhh si si, si los maestros hacen sus paros, plantones y marchas porque nosotras no jajjaj hay que idear un plan para que regrese ya mismo los episodios nomas de imaginar q esta semana veriamos un nuevo episodio y ya no sera asi es muy triste :/

  46. NOOO!! Whyy?? why no more in 2011?!!! you want to kill me dont you??

    Ahh damm, excellent mid finale, I steel feeling sad for Rose ( still liking Kate XD) and Vanessa… dammn new forms of Romeo and Juliet these days.. Love it love it simply love it ( and feeling deeply identified with it… happening something like that right now in my life :/… ) I hope you come back soon… Imma miss this episodes… it has been a great confort and help even though I am not as young as them… in some way you can see yourself reflected…

    I’m gonna miss you people, see you soon and the best wishes to all the cast and crew!! ( Spetially Kate XD, she’s gorgeus!!! say hi from me je je je )

    Greettings from Mexico!!

    • Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con todo lo que has dicho :) enserio que si nos quieren matar con esa noticia aun no puedo creer q no vere nuevos episodios en lo que resta del 2011 :/

      • no van a dar mas episodios nooooooo yo crei que faltaban pocos episodios para que finalizara nooooo

        • Pos yo como todos, supongo, espero que este corte de episodios no dure mucho!! como se les ocurre! tan buena que se estaba poniendo la trama y cortarla asi de feo?? que barbaros!! por eso!! planton y huelga hasta que regrese out with dad!!! >__<!!

          • Armarse de paciencia por mas de tres meses…
            ¡Tienen la mas mínima idea como vamos a hacerlo!
            No se que plan malvado está detras de todo esto. Primero te “venden la droga” hasta que quedas completamente adicto y despues te la quitan por eternidades.
            Que mundo mas cruel…..
            Pues nada, al mal tiempo buena cara.

          • Necesito saber si ustedes pueden verlo con sub en español xq a mi no me aparece Gracias

  47. Hi, I’m from Perú. I wanted to thank all the team for the excellent work you do, I hope you continue soon!
    I really love OWD!!!!!
    Por favor vuelvan pronto :)

  48. Loved the episode and wish it was a longer season!!!!! I would have loved having this series about 8 years ago but it is amazing now too :-) I can identify a lot with both Rose and Vanessa. Can’t wait to see more!!!!



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