Tonight I discovered a new web series, still releasing their first season of episodes. Single_Never_Married is a fellow official selection at this year’s LAweb Fest. The series creator, writer and star Lauren Hamilton, posted about their selection in a web series forum I participate in and I decided to check it out. I liked it right away. What I didn’t know to expect is that the lead character is a lesbian. I love how fantastically non-issue that is. It’s refreshing nice to see, especially considering how heavy-handed Out With Dad can sometimes be about the subject of being gay! Episode 1 made me laugh and laugh, I went on to the second episode right away. After I finish writing this post I look forward to watching episode 3!

Really cool: the series is based on a book written by Lauren Hamilton and her dad.

While this show might cater to a slightly older crowd than most of Out With Dad’s audience, I’m still recommending it to our fans. It’s really funny, very sweet, well written and well acted.

I’m looking forward to meeting Lauren in LA! I hope I don’t act too much like a fanboy.

Single_Never_Married is found on Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Enjoy their first season below!