I managed to catch Lindsey Middleton (“Vanessa”) literally hours before she boarded a plane to Germany.  Lindsey’s character receives by far the strongest reactions.  I love this episode because we get to see a glimpse into Vanessa’s world. We also get to see her charming side during the chemistry lesson.  Lindsey took some time to talk about the filming process:

“The episode ‘Chemistry with Vanessa’ was a lot of fun for me to shoot; well, every episode is always fun to shoot. This day was a little tricky as I had to memorize all these science terms verbatim, and I really had no idea what I was talking about! It was also the first day I had ever met Wendy (“Vanessa’s Mom”). So basically she came onto the set, we shook hands and then she turned on her sassiness and scolded me for the next two hours.  It was a pretty funny way to meet someone.  Also, I think Jason (our director) did a beautiful job with the dream sequence. There was about 7 of us squished into this tiny room holding lights and hanging cameras off crazy contraptions but Jason always keeps the energy upbeat and positive, which is what I like best about working on Out With Dad. Basically, I’m extremely happy with how the show is coming along and I can’t wait to keep filming more and more seasons!”

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