Ever the romantic, I was on set when we filmed Nathan’s blind date.  In fact, I was one of the extras, and had trouble paying attention since I was riveted by the scene unfolding between Will Conlon’s character, Nathan, and Kelly-Marie Murtha’s character, Angela.  Blind dates. Always entertaining, always tense, always exciting. Even the scripted ones!  Kelly-Marie shared some insights on the filming – and real-life – experience:

“When I was asked to reflect on my episode “Blind Date with Nathan” (my episode!! like no one else was in it!) I had a hard time coming up with one or two things when everything about it and the experience was amazing! But I got to thinking about blind dates… We’ve all had them at some point – the anticipation, the wondering how it will turn out, meeting a complete stranger and hoping that something will click – and I realized that my coming to set was my blind date!  I had only met a few people at the audition, so coming to actually film the scene was in effect a blind date – the anticipation, wondering how it will turn out, meeting strangers – including Will (“Nathan”) and hoping that we would click.  Well All I can say is – BEST BLIND DATE EVER!!  Working with Will was incredible – considering we didn’t know one another, the chemistry we had was so wonderful and that really comes across on screen.  We clicked! And working with Jason, as an actor, was so refreshing.  His ability to let you know what he wants and then to just trust you and just let you go is very rare. Put all that together along with the beautiful story and you have a hit!! I told you Jason!! 🙂 ”

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