Banff World Media Festival

I’m on my way to the 2012 Banff World Media Festival, where I’ll have the opportunity to meet movers and shakers in the industry. On Monday afternoon I’ll be presenting in the Digital Launch Pad program, in which I’ll present Out With Dad to an audience seeking for opportunities to connect with audiences. This event will be live-streamed, I’ll share details about that as soon as they become available on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. With any luck, I might make connections that can lead to finances for our third season and beyond! Wish me luck!

You can follow my progress on or follow hashtag #Banff2012

Next Episode

The down side to going to Banff is that our next episode isn’t complete – and I don’t know how much time I’ll have to work on it while I’m away. I’ve shown a rough cut to the fans in our VIP Group already, and they love it. One of our fans helped me find the title: “Out with Doubts”. I’m sure you’ll it’s perfect when you see it!

I prefer launching episodes on Thursdays, but I’ll be travelling back to Toronto that day. Maybe Friday? I appreciate everyone’s patience. And yes: there will be a scene with Vanessa! After “Out with Doubts”, there will be one more!

– Jason


For info on how you can join our VIP group, consider donating $50 or more on our /Contribute page.