In the last scene of Out With Dad, Nathan (Jonathan Robbins) kisses Rose (Kate Conway).

“All good things…”

With a heavy heart, we have announced the conclusion of Out With Dad. In April 2017 the finale episode will be released to the Champions of Out With Dad, the fans from around the globe who have supported the creation of this series. The last eleven episodes are still exclusive to these Champions, and will remain exclusive until later this year when they are republished publicly. The precise date has not yet been established, roughly in Summer 2017. There are two factors that will determine the release date:

  1. We are still in the process of planning a finale screening event with wrap-party.
  2. Adrian Ellis’s musical score for Season 5 will be re-recorded with a string orchestra performed by live players.

The decision to end the series is bittersweet for the makers of Out With Dad. For all of us involved, creating this show has been a life changing chapter in our lives and our careers. We are proud that we can bring the story and the characters to a satisfying end. The finale episode #5.05 (82nd episode in all) is tentatively titled “Figuring it Out”; it will have a runtime of approximately fifteen minutes. An extensive end credits will be accompanied by a new suite of music composed by Adrian Ellis, and will feature names of our many supporters.

If you too would like to see your name in the end credits of the last episode ever of Out With Dad, become a Patron of $5 or more by March 30th. Click here to visit our Patreon page for information on how to become a part of this show’s legacy, and to gain access to all the non-public episodes and other exclusive perks.