We want to make a video – and we’d like to include as many of our fans as possible! Are you an actor, performer, someone who likes to get involved?

All you need is a camera that records video, and film yourself saying “WHAT?”

Yup, that’s it!

Why? Not telling! It’s a secret!!

The quality, resolution, file format doesn’t matter. Just make sure we can hear you say “WHAT?!” as if you’re shocked by something someone just told you. You’re welcome to record multiple takes: happy, disappointed, angry, surprised. I’ll pick the most fitting one. You don’t even need to say it in English!

The due date is going to be in mid-September. I may not be able to use every video submitted, but I’ll try.

Email the video to . If it’s too large to send, you may use a file sharing service like www.sendspace.com. Be sure to tell us what city, province/state and country you’re sending it from. By submitting, you’re agreeing that we can use your footage in a video for the purposes of promoting Out With Dad.

Thank you!