Editing 3x16I’m really excited to get back to editing. Our fundraising isn’t finished, but we’re close enough that I feel confident that I can get back to it. Wouldn’t it be great to have new episodes by the end of this summer? With your help, we can make that happen.

On June 7th, I got back to work. I started with episode 3.15 “Vanessa’s Calm”. It’s a short episode, only one scene with two cameras, so it was pretty easy. In fact, I’ve already uploaded my first draft of the episode to the VIP Facebook Group. As you can see below, fans really like it. The picture to the right is of episode 3.16 being edited. I hope to finish my first draft and get it uploaded to the VIP group by early next week. It still doesn’t have a title, so I’ll ask the fans in the group to help me choose the title, as they have before.

Vanessa's-Calm-ReactionIf you’d like to see episode 3.15 now, and more episodes as soon as first drafts are complete, you can by donating $50 or more on our Contribution page. The members of the VIP Group have really enjoyed seeing episodes early. I’ve enjoyed sharing early drafts with our fans, because their feedback has often helped me further editing – often shaping the episodes before the final versions are completed.

Edit: Katie Uhlmann of Katie Chats, recently interviewed me at the Canadian Cinema Editors Awards Show, where I got to explain how fans in the VIP Group have helped me be a better editor! Thanks for sharing Katie!