I first mentioned Sweet Fever in my first ever “Web Series to Watch” article. It’s show that’s created in Toronto by friends I’ve met through the web series community here. Our very own Vanya Garaway (our 1st A.D.) and Bruce William Harper (our 2nd season cinematographer) worked on this show too! I’ve also had the pleasure of working with two of their cast members:  Tiffany Claire Martin, who plays Sam, in the upcoming lesbian-love-triangle web series Leslieville; and Danika Czubak who I got to work with on my first ever commercial.

Oliver Brackenbury, the show’s writer, producer and co-creator tells me he “had the basic idea of Sweet Fever and her candy shop rattling around for a few years until last January when Mark, my friend & frequent collaborator, suggested we turn it into a web series while blending in something cool we’d discovered since both moving to Toronto.” Of all things, why professional pillow fighting? He says “because it’s a colourful, action-packed, novel environment where you’ll find the kind of larger than life, narrative-dominating superwomen I’d always enjoyed in the wacky works of Russ Meyer.”

Like Out With Dad, they’ve produced their series with a lot of help from friends, family and community with the hope of it growing into something bigger and bigger. They’ve released 5 episodes so far, and are currently in the midst of fund-raising for their first season finale. I’m really excited and proud of them, their campaign is going very well. At the time I’m writing this they’ve got 89% of their goal! Here’s the link to their fundraising campaign.

Below, I’ve posted their teaser trailer and first episode. I love this trailer. I think it’s exceptional editing, and totally akin to something Stanley Kubrick would do. Well done team Sweet Fever! Count me as one of your fans.

Sweet Fever’s Sweet Teaser

Sweet Fever – Episode 1: How Sweet It Is