I had an exciting opportunity to work with my friends Samantha Wan (who you may remember from our sister web series Leslieville), Richard Young (Off2Kali Comedy) and Davin Lengyel (Space Janitors, Pure Pwnage) and an amazing cast and crew including a professional stunt team of martial artists.

Sudden Master is new project in the works, being made by a ton of great people I have the privilege to get to know in the web series community. I’m really excited for them, as they’ve already partnered with OMNI TV! When this project comes to fruition, I hope I can be a part of it. They are currently applying to the Independent Production Fund.

If you like shows with tough leading ladies, cross cultural humour and lots of action – this is the one for you!

Tonight, at our Fox Theatre Screening Event we shared the video, and now I’d like to share it with you. It would mean a lot to Samantha and myself if you went  to their YouTube channel, comment and share!

Thanks for letting me a part of this Sam!