Last summer I had the tremendous experience of co-directing and shooting a web series out on the open water with my new friend Mike Donis. This project is based on his short film: The Swashbuckling Adventures of Pete Winning and the Pirates, a short film set in the future after the ice caps have melted and Toronto is flooded. Pirates now own the open seas, armed with lasers. It’s such a fun adventure! Part way through making that short film, Mike decided it should be more than just one short, and it evolved into a web series.

We shot four episodes last summer over several gruelling days of hard work. It is the hardest I’ve ever worked on set, and I loved every second of it. Earlier this month, we debuted the first two episodes which are embedded below.

While in Battery Park in New York City, Mike and I filmed an introduction video. Kate & Lindsey might have been around when we shot it.

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