You may have noticed a bunch of trailers, or proof-of-concept videos that arrived on the internet this past week. That is because the deadline for a funding application was due on Friday. The Independent Production Fund is a private fund we have in Canada that funds web series creation. Out With Dad has never been eligible for this funding, but a lot of our friends were and have received it. Such as Ruby Skye P.I., Tights & Fights, Bill & Sons Towing, fellow Canadian Screen Awards nominees GuidestonesSpace Janitors and Prison Dancer – just to name a few!

I thought it would be cool to share a few of them with you. I’ll focus only on the ones that feature LGBT characters.

Dance By Day

This one I’m attached to as co-director with my friend Jonathan Robbins, who you’re going to get to know better soon as Nathan in season three of Out With Dad. His previous series, Clutch, is also an award winning series. While Clutch is dark and gritty, Dance By Day will be the opposite.

Dance by Day will highlight original modern dance choreography in both it’s early and polished stages, and witness the behind-the-scenes work and challenges that members of the company face as led by their founder and artistic director, Jesse Day. Day faces the challenge of having to cut his company by 1/3 due to funding cuts – a reality that arts programs in Canada face daily. I’m sure this show will ring very true to the harsh realities for those whose artistic craft is their day job.

Watch the trailer that Jonathan and I shot and co-directed together with a talented group of dancers and actors. Jonathan beautifully edited this.

Tri Curious

Dani Barker is talented filmmaker, actor, social networker and out woman. I became of fan of her long before we met, thanks to her non-fiction web series Starvival; which mesmerized me because it is so smart and courageous. I would later get to work with her on Pete Winning and the Pirates.

She’s pitching a project about a confused 20-something couple who attempt to understand and reconcile with same sex and polyamorous relationships, awkward encounters in the bedroom (and how it differs), and the struggles between being happy and stable versus seeking passion and pleasure that – while fun- is ultimately destructive.

Watch her trailer that Dani produced, wrote, directed and edit. (note: I’m a huge fan of her editing, it is so inspiring)