A disproportionate number of homeless youth identify as LGBT. They are more likely to be robbed, harassed or assaulted than straight homeless. In cases of family rejection, they often have nowhere to go. Vanessa is one of these youth.

Vanessa’s Story is a new web series that we created in secret while filming the rest of Out With Dad. In the last moments of Out with (Song and) Dance, we saw Vanessa leaving home – but to where? In this dark and gritty spin-off series, running parallel to the story of Out With Dad, Vanessa’s Story tells of the harsh reality in store for many teens when they aren’t accepted by their families because they came out. For Vanessa, being true to herself means leaving home for the uncertainty and the danger of the streets of Toronto.

We do not know the exact dates, but we’re hoping to have all episodes from block 3.2 ready to launch for the beginning of March. Episodes of Vanessa’s Story will be mixed in with episodes of Out With Dad.

Ep # Title Series
3.07 Vanessa Out Vanessa’s Story
3.08 ________ with Dad Out With Dad
3.09 Vanessa _____ Vanessa’s Story
3.10 _______ Out Out With Dad
3.11 ________ with Dad Out With Dad
3.12 Vanessa’s _____ Vanessa’s Story
3.13 Vanessa _____ Vanessa’s Story
3.14 _______ Out Out With Dad


When we know the exact dates, they’ll be posted on our /whenisthenextepisode page.