This diary is a little different as it was written by me, Kate Conway, and it comes from a very honest place. Years ago, I walked the halls of my high school feeling invisible. I faced the mirror every morning with the resolution that no one would find me beautiful. The boys weren’t going to notice me. The cute dresses would never fit right.

I’m older now, and even though the idea that “real beauty comes from being a good person with a good personalty” is something I truly believe in, I still have days where that person in the mirror makes me sad. This is my love letter to anyone who has struggled with insecurities of any kind. Which in actuality, is pretty much all of us. These diaries are meant to be the personal thoughts of a young girl pouring her heart out in secrecy. Rose is opening herself up fully, as if no one will ever hear.  Take this not as an endorsement of unhealthy thoughts, but as a celebration of honesty and bravery. The very ideals that bring Out with Dad so close to my heart.

Do you struggle with insecurities?

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