Now what? How does Rose feel about what happened last night? What’s next? Rose has a lot to think about, a lot to discuss. And there’s still Friendsgiving yet to come…

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Directed, Written and Produced by
Jason Leaver

Rose … Kate Conway
Claire … Caitlynne Medrek
Alicia … Laura Jabalee
Nessa … Heath V. Salazar

Danielle Thorn
Camera Operators
Jason Leaver
Danielle Thorn

Location Sound
Adam Glen
Charlie Caparros

Editor, Visual Effects and Colouring by
Jason Leaver

Music Composed and Performed by
Adrian Ellis

Production Assistant
Elvin Zhang

Executive Producer
Natalie O’Brien
Associate Producers
Kate Conway
Lindsey Middleton
Jonathan Robbins

Patron Producer
Thomas McDonald

Patron Producer
Sophia Marchildon

Patron Producer
Sean Dockham

Patron Producers
Adam Bell
Michelle Eason
Ken Fraser
Judy Rhodes
Tyler Sibbeston

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