Rose is chill’n on Facebook at a local coffee shop, when she gets an unexpected “friend request”.

It’s Claire Daniels! The girl from the washroom, the girl from the PFLAG meeting! Great. Now what does Rose say?

“Chatting with Claire” is our first nearly-silent episode. Enjoy!

According to Claire’s Facebook profile, she’s out – online at least. Rose isn’t quite ready for that. Are you out online?

Voted #1 in We Love Soap‘s Indie Soap of the Week pollfor the week of April 22-28, 2012! Also in this poll, Rose & Claire were voted couple of the week, and Kate Conway was voted #1 Actress. You guys must really love Will, he was voted #3 favourite actor – and he’s not even in this episode!! What? Thank you everyone who voted!

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This is a bonus minisode that was released early, after a challenge was put forth to our audience to see if we could get ten donations in one day. Well, we sure did! In fact, we got ten donations in less than six hours! There were a few more contributions that arrived overnight, so I’ve included them on this list too.

If you enjoyed seeing this early, you have these people to thank!

Yanick Dumas’s name appears in the end credits as “Contributor”, today’s highest donor!

Our “Early Episode Challenge” Contributors!

  1. Greg Leaver
  2. Turina
  3. Iara
  4. Anonymous
  5. Yanick Dumas
  6. Eli
  7. Euchre Tom
  8. Anonymous
  9. Sinead Dennehy
  10. Adam Swimmer
  11. Stephan Werner
  12. Matteo
  13. Martha Vowles & Bill Toner
  14. Ryan Fisher

Kate Conway as Rose

with Corey Lof as Kenny

Claire’s Typing Performance by Josh Ary

featuring Caitlynne Medrek
and Lindsey Middleton

Music Composed, Produced and Performed by:
Adrian Ellis

Produced by:
Kara Dymond
Eric Taylor

Created, Written and Directed by:
Jason Leaver