Today’s commentary is brought to you by me, Kara Dymond!

“Tea with Dad” has a very special place in my heart.  For one, I got to hold a camera and shoot some footage.  Shooting in the rain was a new experience for me and certainly brought cast and crew closer together.   I felt like a voyeur peeking at our wonderful actors share a moving moment on the front steps.  And while we made tea inside, I reminisced about cuppas I’ve had throughout my life.  The ones with friends, whispering about our secret crushes. The ones with family, recalling memories of  loved ones, especially the irreverent ones!   The steaming mugs revitalizing me in England, where I came down with a cold while visiting my pen pal.  There is something about tea that grounds me in these moments.

But beyond that, the episode speaks volumes in so little time about the unconditional love between Nathan and Rose.  Whatever happens between them, they can always come back to this – a cup of tea, a few words or no words at all.

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