“Movie Night with Dad” is one of my favourite episodes, and the one I show to people first to get them into the show, to appreciate the depth of characters, and to wow them with Jason’s cinematography genius.  However a good friend of mine, Aidan Gowland, was able to personally relate to the show.  He writes about how this episode brought him and his father closer together:

“This episode brings out the best of OWD. While I was watching Season 1 straight (no pun intended) through on my own, it was one of my favourites. But later, I turned to it as a way to give my dad some guidance, and it was more than helpful in giving us some bonding time. We bonded over checking out the Girl On The Subway (Sarah Joy Bennett), but we also bonded over the understanding that in every silence there are hordes of thoughts racing through our minds. This episode does an amazing job of disproving the idea that silence is dead space. It brings silence to life, and shows it for what it is: a space alive with thoughts, emotion and tension. Nathan and Rose each have a goal in the silence they endure at the theatre – for Rose it is to safeguard her secret, and for Nathan, the goal is to pull it out of her, but ultimately, this episode brings to light the smaller aspirations we all have – to say the right thing at the right time, without embarassing ourselves.”

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