As part of our countdown to our season 2 premiere, Kate Conway (“Rose”) discusses the process of filming Out With Dad, and her reaction to seeing Out With Dad for the first time:

“The anticipation of seeing episode one for the first time was very intense for me. I had never seen myself in a finished filmed project before. We got to see brief takes of ourselves onset, but that was really it. I wasn’t used to seeing myself on camera because my training had been all theatre. We filmed bits and pieces of different episodes throughout the spring and summer which I was also not used to. Having scenes shot out of order forced me to pay closer attention. I needed to keep the continuity of of Rose’s journey intact. The premiere of the first episode became a launch party at director Jason Leaver’s house. The entire cast and crew all got to watch the premiere at the exact same time. It was really thrilling! It was a very special moment for all of us after weeks of filming and waiting to see what the final product looked like. We were all very proud as we watched the views on YouTube begin to climb and comments start to roll in. It was a night I will always cherish. Season 2’s premiere on July 7th has a lot to live up to, but I have a feeling it will exceed all expectations.”

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