[Edit: We were able to lower our goal, and afford to bring back Claire earlier than expected! Stay tuned for more information on this development soon]

You’ve all been wondering about when we get to see scenes with Claire and with Vanessa; and why are Season 4 episodes lacking the action and production value that we had in Season 3? As this cheeky video explains, we simply can’t afford to have Caitlynne Medrek (Claire) in Out With Dad without the high cost of flying her across Canada to have her join our cast again. We can’t include Lindsey Middleton (Vanessa) either… that’s more for creative reasons that we can’t explain without spoilers. Suffice to say: we need Caitlynne before Lindsey.

That is why we’ve added a new milestone to our Patreon page. Once we reach a monthly goal of $2500, we will be able to afford the expensive travel necessary to bring Caitlynne to Toronto. After that, episodes will be improved because we can afford better production values thanks to longer and more production days, more crew and even music (remember when we used to have music?). That’s what it takes to have more action, like we did in Season 3.


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