We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been welcomed on the social website Mingle Media TV. MMTVN provides scripted, unscripted, live and produced lifestyle and entertainment web series programming for women seven days a week.  While their audience is mostly women, they do have have men/dads as well.  They are adding more teen-related content and will be building on that in the near future.  We’re happy to be a part of this growing lineup.
They are now hosting Out With Dad along with many other terrific webseries.  Check out this vibrant, social and active website.  Stephanie Piche, the CEO and Executie producer of MMTVN, says our series: “So many people don’t know how to deal with the truth – …the refreshing and openness of your series is really something I would love to support and promote.” We’re happy you are helping us.

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Launched on the 8th of February 2010, online media and live web TV network company, Mingle Media TV executive produces, and broadcasts over 40 hours of web series and event coverage each week. Our audience reach online is over 250,000 weekly views of our video coverage, web series and live broadcasts and are currently in the top 20,000 websites in the US. Our video coverage, web series and live broadcasts are promoted via Twitter, blog posts, Facebook and other popular social networks; in addition to airing live on the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms and syndicated through Blip.TV and over 15 syndication sites including Daily Motion, YouTube, Boxee, Roku and as an iTunes podcast.

Click here to see Out With Dad’s page on Mingle Media TV.