On February 27, 2011 a panel discussion was held at Podcamp Toronto 2011, #PCTO2011, with a focus on developing community, building brand, and marketing your product online, and lessons learned from making a webseries.  The panelists included a variety of Toronto-based webseries creators, directors, writers, actors, producers.

Elize Morgan, the creator of the upcoming webseries Pretty in Geek got the ball rolling, signing up or Podcamp 2011 early.  She invited fellow Toronto creators to join her, including Out With Dad series creator Jason Leaver and other webseries creators, writers, actors, producers: Ashton Catherwood of Microwave Porn, Jill Golick and Kerry Young of Ruby Skye PI and Courtney Wolfson, Christopher Guest and Scott Albert of Tights and Fights.

Each team of creators introduced their series accompanied with a clip, followed by an engaging Q&A discussion, until we were over-stayed our welcome in the lecture hall and had to leave!

Below you can a complete recording of the panel discussion, including the video clips screened.

If you have questions or comments for any of the panelists, about them, their series, or about webseries making in general, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.