Last night we had an overwhelming turn out of volunteers for extras for what is likely the most complicated scene in Out With Dad.  A rough headcount indicated we had 28 people come to help support our project – and we want you all to know how much we really appreciate it.  There aren’t enough words to express properly how valuable each and everyone one of you are to this project.  Your presence really helped in selling credibility of the scene.  And your patience is admirable – it took nearly two hours to film a mere two shots.

The Cast, Crew and Extras in Cinema 1 @ Encore Oakville Mews Cinemas

The extras aren’t the only people deserving thanks from the production. Appreciation also goes out to the staff, management and owners of Encore Oakville Mews Cinemas.  Their generosity extended far beyond just welcoming us in their auditorium; but also popcorn, drinks (including important coffee!) and time.  It’s a great theatre, and the folks there are wonderful.  If ever you want a movie night at a classic theatre, remember to check what’s playing at Encore Cinemas: