Yesterday a new fan donated to Out With Dad. She donated $100, which gives her access to the Out With Dad VIP Group. There, she introduced herself – telling us that she’d just discovered the show the night before thanks to a friend sharing it with her. It just goes to show, that sharing is important!

The cast and crew all agree that’s pretty special. Jonathan Robbins, who steps into the role of Rose’s dad for season three, took a moment to record a video thank you message. The same thanks goes out to all of our fans who have ever shared Out With Dad with friends or family.

Our fundraising campaign is working! We already have enough to start editing episode 1! Check out our progress by visiting If you want to share Out With Dad with a friend, why not direct them to this page, which has all the episodes on it: Or give them the link to this playlist on YouTube.

Watch Jonathan’s video message here: