WOW! The fundraising campaign is going even better than ever! Last night I posted Lindsey & Kate’s thank you message, and the donations haven’t slowed down a bit. In fact, since then, there has already been another dozen donors. It would seem our fundraising campaign is working! I think, at the rate we’re going, I’ll be able to start editing the first episode as early as next week.

My workflow will be:

  • edit block one episodes, that 3.01 to 3.06, one at a time
  • send rough cuts of each episode to composer Adrian Ellis as I go
  • upload rough cuts to VIP Facebook group too?? Maybe?
  • do fine cuts of block one episodes
  • send picture-locked episodes to Adrian to score
  • do ADR where necessary (additional dialogue recording)
  • work with cinematographer Bruce William Harper to do the colour correction
  • sound mixing
  • final exports!

I told Caitlynne Medrek about how well the donations are going, and she wanted to recorded this message to Out With Dad’s fans: