Last night, in a live webcast on Mingle Media TV, Indie Intertubes co-hosts announced the winners of their second annual web series awards. Will Conlon (Nathan) was awarded Best Actor in a Drama, and writer/creator Jason Leaver was awarded Best Writing in a Drama. Out With Dad was nominated in six other categories as well.

“Such an impressive group of nominees, I can hardly believe it”, says Leaver of his win. He was in his office working during the first part of the broadcast, missing the live announcement. “Fellow nominees Tina Cesa Ward (Good People in Love) and Daryn Strauss (Downsized) tweeted their congratulations to me, such a delightful way to learn the news!”
Conlon also missed the live announcement, which happened while returning home from a photo shoot. “I was on the phone with my mom when I heard her boyfriend, Ron, yell over to her, ‘Will just won Best Actor in a drama at the Indie Intertube Awards!’ I kinda freaked out on the phone,” tells Conlon. “Thought it was so cool I was talking to my mom while it happened.” By the time he logged on, his Facebook and Twitter feeds were flooded with congratulatory messages.

The Intertubes panel of judges consisted of 13 people from several countries, including the co-hosts. For every show considered, all episodes released in 2011 were screened by the judges.

Click here to see the complete list of winners. The webcast of the awards show will be uploaded later this week, when it does it will be embed it below.