Jason demonstrates how to view our next episode which was filmed in 360° Video.

The best way to watch episode 4.15 “Heading Out” is on a mobile device (a phone or tablet) and you must use the YouTube app for it to work. It won’t play properly if you view it in your phone’s browser. When watching  with the YouTube app, move your phone around you or touch and drag with your finger to look around the scene. It’s really cool! If you have VR goggles like Google Cardboard, even better! If you’re watching on a desktop computer – you need to use the Chrome browser for it to work. Use your mouse to click and drag the view the camera to follow the action.

YouTube60x60If you’re reading this on your phone, tap the YouTube icon to launch the episode in your YouTube app. If you’re reading this on a desktop computer with the Chrome Browser, you watch the new episode right now, right here. Use your mouse to click and drag the camera’s view to follow the action.


You can also try watching it on Dailymotion, which is very new to 360° video – but seems to work okay on an my Android’s web browser, but not the Dailymotion App.