We’re really happy how much people seem to enjoy Out With Dad.  The response has been so very positive and encouraging.  Overwhelmingly, the two most common things we hear from you is:

||When is the next episode?|SmallType|||

||Longer episodes please.|SmallType|||

Let’s make one thing clear: THERE WILL BE MORE.  We had so much fun making it.  Seriously, we had the best time.  Hearing your feedback and getting support from our friends, family and fans – it makes us itch to do more.

Jason and Kate reviewing footage between takes.

When?  That’s a challenging thing to answer.  Because there’s a lot to juggle to make it happen.

As much fun as we have making this show it’s important to remember that everyone involved is volunteering their time.  That means we try to fit in all the pre-production (writing and planning), the filming and all the post-production (editing, scoring, effects) into our spare time.  That’s a lot to do!

So bare with us… it’ll be a while before the next episodes come along.  To give you an idea of timing: this year we filmed the bulk of it in April, and the first episode came out (haha, “came out”) on July 8th.

Cast & crew group photo, taken at the launch party, on the July 8th, 2010

Next season we think we’ll probably get filming in February/March.  So maybe we’ll get the next episode out there by mid-spring?  Please don’t hold me to that.  That’s our goal.  With any luck, it’ll even be earlier.  We’ll give you updates as things move forward.

On the issue of episode length:  Yes, we’ll make episodes longer!  The good news is, I’ve already written hundreds of pages.  So there isn’t a lack of material.  It’s just a matter of finding the right beats to enter and exit.  The way I see it, each episode is a slice of life of the characters.  Webseries, as a storytelling medium, is wonderful in that you can get away with telling only a tiny slice, or a larger slice.  I love the flexibility.  This past season I wrote these slices with the intention of being short and plentiful.  I ended up grouping together slices into bigger and fewer chunks than planned.  I look forward to writing bigger – now that I know audiences will stick around for more than 3 minutes!

Rose and Nathan have dinner together in an unused scene, filmed in April 2010.

Just to tease you: we’ve already filmed one more scene.  We shot it back in April.  It was intended to work two ways, sort of covering our asses.  It could serve as a final chapter, just in case a second season can’t be done (we didn’t want to end on a “To Be Continued”!).  Or, the scene could work as the opening of the second season.  You can even scene shots of this scene used in the trailer!