On Thursday night, tune in to Femslash4Fans Radio live to listen to host Allaine talk with Out With Dad series creator Jason Leaver.

Allaine is a longtime fanfic author turned internet radio host. On his show he discusses “femslash”, or sexual relationships between two women, in fan fiction, original fiction, web series and film today. He’s previously spoken with Out With Dad friends Rosemary Rowe (Seeking Simone) and Regan Latimer (B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye). Click on their name to listen to their interviews (or their series’ name to link to their show’s website).

It’s thanks to their tweeting, re-tweeting, posting and re-posting about Out With Dad that Allaine came to know of us. (Thanks ladies!)

Thank to those who listened live! Sorry to the live listeners that we went a little long, which means we got cut out at exactly 11PM, thus the last 7 or so minutes were cut off.

You may listen to the entire interview by streaming bellow, or downloading the episode from this link here.