OWDFanFicWritingContestPresentedWithLesFan500x500WHITECongratulations to Memma and itneverxnds, our winners of the Fan Fiction Writing Contest, co-hosted by LesFan.com. Thank you to everyone who submitted stories, and to everyone who read, enjoyed and voted for them!

Read “The Last Photograph” by clicking here. Read “Under the Stars” by clicking here. Read all of the Out With Dad fan fiction available at LesFan.com by clicking here!

As promised, here are the top Team Claire and top Team Vanessa stories, as read by Kate Conway with Caitlynne Medrek and Lindsey Middleton.

The Last Photograph*

by Memma

*Be sure to read the whole story! At the time of recording, Kate, Lindsey and I hadn’t notice that this story is six pages long! In this video, we only read the first page. If time allows, we’ll try to get together again and re-record this.


Under the Stars

by itneverxends