Tonight Destini, co-host of the Indie Intertubes tweeted: “@OutWithDad Hope you’ll be listening to the show today Jason”. Goosebumps! I had a feeling she might have been hinting at who would be their Drama of the Week. After all, her previous tweet was: “WOW! Just watched @OutWithDad! Impressive episode guys”.

I listened to the live broadcast of their 81th episode, in which Destini and her co-host Shadhavar first announced their August 10, 2011 picks for Comedy of the Week, a tie between Bandwagon and Leapyear.

Then they got to the dramas at 22 minutes into their broadcast, and just as they mention “proud that it is a gay and lesbian show…” my browser crashed. WHAT? I tried to log back in. No good. Not streaming. Got on another computer, logged in. It must have been about 5 minutes later that I finally got back in. Needless to say, they did award us as their Drama of the Week. It wasn’t until much later I was able to hear what they had to say about the show. It’s interesting to hear their theories about who really outted Rose, wanting to give Nathan a hug, discussing the girl in the washroom – who lots of people seemed to notice. Hmm. They’re a bit distracted during their discussion which makes it a bit hard to follow at times. But all the same, we’re very touched by your insight. I’ll be sure to encourage our cast and crew to listen to your words of encouragement and insight.

Listen to the broadcast by streaming below, or clicking here to download from Blog Talk Radio.

I’m curious, and a bit nervous, to hear what they will think of our next episode after hearing them discuss the issue of episode lengths. Our next episode will be the shortest ever of Out With Dad. In fact, before the credits and the PFLAG Canada PSA, it is less than two and a half minutes. Despite its small size, I think it is the most densely emotional, and packs a lot of insight into… well, no spoilers. That episode is due out on August 18th.